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Zhejiang " security " gang; recruitment master of CET six or above, master degree or above; CET six or above (or TOEFL 80 points, IELTS 5.5 or above); physical quality is good, hard-working. To see such a job requirements, what do you think of the first time? I believe that in any case, this is a security post recruitment. Yesterday, the reporter saw the recruitment requirements, but also stared, Zhejiang University announced the 2016 party management recruitment notice, 48 posts vacant. So many jobs, the most compelling is a master’s degree or above, security guard post, a total of 4 places. A lot of Zhejiang University Students forwarded this advertisement in the circle of friends, a lot of people open mode: four years at Zhejiang University undergraduate background, even the alma mater "guard" are not qualified candidates. The recruitment of security posts about the reporter found that the annual salary of 100 thousand yuan, 48 jobs, in addition to the basic construction project construction management posts at the request of Bachelor degree or above, no requirement for foreign language, all other requirements of master’s degree or above, English level six or above. Many jobs also require 211, 985 College graduates. All the posts, must first participate in the unified organization of the written examination, written examination subject is "writing and comprehensive application ability", and then two rounds of interviews. Compared to graduate education management, scientific research and foreign affairs management, network information construction management recruitment positions, the security position also need master’s degree and above? Yesterday, Zhejiang security director Chen Wei told reporters, every Zhejiang university recruitment, school personnel department will develop an overall minimum standards for each department, and then adjusted according to their own needs, and the security requirements of the gang has been considered low. "Master’s degree or above, we have used this requirement for several years". He is also a master, when he studied engineering. Zhejiang University Personnel Zhang said, this post last year to recruit two people, when dozens of people sign up. Compared with other jobs, less elite graduates, most of the ordinary university graduate. Coincidentally, Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou Institute of Commerce released the 2016 winter recruitment notice yesterday, the comprehensive management of security department post, also requires a master’s degree or above, public security, public security, criminal investigation is preferred. Last year, the Sichuan University Department of defense out of the higher requirements, doctoral degree or security, fire master can apply for security posts. At that time the school said, "Skynet" system, fire remote monitoring, its development and maintenance, need high technology talents in electronic information technology. Security also requires graduate education, this high demand, it is the legendary "academic worship"? Chen Wei carefully explained, all posts are the Zhejiang recruitment management, security posts too, mainly responsible for the school security, safety education, fire safety and other requirements, professional knowledge is relatively high, and not the people the impression that the general security door post. The recruitment of security posts, about 100 thousand yuan annual salary. Listen to the radio practice hearing security personnel and foreign students English exchange what is security post? High education and English can come in handy? Reporter specially interviewed one of them..相关的主题文章:

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