Zhangzhou Longhai 18 year old brother to rape sister-in-law were against the killing soulseek

Zhangzhou Longhai 18 year old brother to rape sister-in-law were against the killing of Taiwanese (Minnan Zhangzhou news media center reporter correspondent Wang Huimin Wu Yuanjie) in November 11th, when many people still enjoy online shopping carnival, Liu Zhen Shan Hou Cun Keng she Haicheng Longhai has occurred in human tragedy, a young woman who died in mysterious their own roof tank. Yesterday afternoon, the Longhai police issued a briefing, the case further surfaced. According to the deceased husband, Mr. Huang, his wife is a tour of Jiangxi, two people are working in the stone code to understand, and now the child has been 4 years old. Usually his wife did not go out to work at home with children. 11, at about 7 pm, the child did not see his mother, crying for her mother. Later, the family also in everywhere, until the evening, in the roof of the tank, found the child’s mother, but she had no vital signs. Family immediately alarm. In the evening, the police rushed to the scene, after investigation, quickly locked the suspect, and the control, this person is the 18 year old brother-in-law. Longhai police said that after the alarm, Longhai City Public Security Bureau Haicheng police station rushed to the scene, found that female victims died in a tour on the third floor roof tank, head trauma, preliminary judgment Department homicide. Longhai City Public Security Bureau immediately launched the emergency response mechanism to the murder scene, Zhangzhou City Public Security Bureau of the main leaders of the first time to lead the investigation, technology, personnel judged rushed to the scene, the scene and Mopai visit, the panel quickly locked the 18 year old Liu Shan Haicheng Town Longhai city Kengren Huang, has a major crime suspects, and the incident after unaccounted for, immediately started tracking the arrests. At the same time, the police task force through legal guidance, the mobilization of the families of the suspects surrendered the initiative to persuade huang. 22 pm the same day, the suspect Hwang accompanied by family members, the Longhai Municipal Public Security Bureau to surrender. After appearing in court truthfully confessed Hwang, 19 o’clock that night, the sneaked tangsao tour of a residence, to go out for a swim. The other was in revolt, Hwang armed will at the age of 28, a tour of killing, and hiding the bodies on the third floor rooftop water tank after fleeing the scene. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章:

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