Zhang Xingang’s ancient Silk Road, the geographical fate of human history 9c8996

Zhang Xingang: the ancient Silk Road, the historical destiny of the Silk Road, the ancient trade route. Land and sea of the two silk road is not only China’s contact with the East and west of the "National Road", but also the entire ancient Chinese and foreign economic and cultural exchanges of international channels. In this paper, the author, City University Hong Kong president emeritus, Peking University and honorary professor of Tsinghua University, Mr. Zhang Xingang, was a financial magazine, see "Sohu" wisdom education by Mr. Zhang Xingang authorized reprint this article. The ancient Silk Road (source to earth) has a history of about 4 billion 600 million years. Plain desert mountains, sea, flowers and trees, animals, their history on earth are much longer than humans. The survival and development of human beings can not be separated from the geographical environment. Primates appeared on earth about 7 million 500 thousand years ago. The history of modern Homo sapiens to hundreds of thousands of years, entered the civilized period of only ten thousand years of written history but five thousand or six thousand years. About one hundred thousand years ago a group of Homo sapiens from East Africa into Asia today, and then gradually spread from there to across eurasia. Out of Africa, so around the world forty thousand years ago, living through was a fairly narrow strait in Southeast Asia a few islands, arriving in australia. Soon the warming of the earth, the sea increased, Strait becomes wider, Australia is no longer to enter, until more than and 200 years ago, Europeans come across the ocean. For the first time in forty thousand years, their children have been able to survive and develop in the existing geographical environment, since the first arrivals to australia. About ten thousand three thousand or four thousand years ago, someone walked across the frozen Bering Strait from Eurasia to the northeast, northwest North America Alaska. The near earth enters fourth interglacial, the Bering Strait becomes wide, no ice. The original inhabitants of North America continue to migrate to the southeast, about one thousand years later, to the south end of the Antarctic circle. From the earliest human through the Bering Strait, to Columbo five hundred years ago, "the discovery of the new continent, America and other regions of the human absolutely no contact, independently created the Mayan civilization of Central America and South America Bianca civilization. Africa is the first place in the world to be very large, China, India, Europe and the north pole near Greenland are not as big as africa. But the Sahara desert in Africa (bigger than the United States) and the salt alkaline zone of South Africa separates the North Africa from the Mediterranean and Central Africa and South africa. In central and southern Africa, most of the river is not suitable for navigation, the jungle, swamps are difficult to cross. So Africa is isolated from each other. The coast of Africa is very beautiful, but it is rarely available. Look back at eurasia. Europa (Europa) and Asia (Asia) these two words are first used by the ancient greeks. Because Greece is considered to be the origin of European civilization, and the recent three hundred years on the global aspects of the greatest impact is the Europeans, so now people all over the world have put a piece of land on the earth is called the largest in eurasia. That is to say, the whole world is now divided into one of the largest land on earth by the ancient Greeks相关的主题文章:

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