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During the period of Wuhan university students use electronic business platform to sell agricultural products with annual sales of over 400 million college sold Jersey, do part-time classes, both for himself and his brother to school, graduated from Wuhan University of science and technology Sichuan Junbing in 11 2013 section last year to start a shop business, home of agricultural products. Last year, Duan’s online shop sold about fifty thousand pounds of handmade sweet potato powder, the annual sales of more than 4 million yuan. Arts and crafts sales of agricultural products Junbing steering failure section was born in Junlian County of Yibin City, Sichuan Province, a remote village, parents rely on farming for a Junbing three brother reading. In 2008, Junbing segment with a score of 619 was admitted to Wuhan University of science and Technology Institute of civil engineering construction. And in the summer, his father died unexpectedly. During the period of University, Junbing sold Jersey, started a cram school, has also set up a team of 250 people reported the sale of the legion". He went to college by working part-time and earned two brothers in high school. After graduating from college, some Junbing had borrowed 200 thousand yuan to open shop business, arts and crafts. However, due to lack of experience, the loss of nearly 300 thousand yuan. Later, it was found that the dry food of agricultural products was easy to preserve, and people paid more and more attention to food safety. I was born in the countryside, familiar with my hometown specialties." Duan Junbing eventually locked the direction of entrepreneurship in the agricultural electricity supplier. In November 1, 2013, Duan Junbing opened a Taobao shop in Chengdu, selling Sichuan area of farm handicraft products and agricultural products dry goods. Only last year sold about fifty thousand pounds of handmade sweet potato powder, annual sales of more than 4 million. He registered a trademark for the product. Although the name "awkward but apropo. Online shop is made of agricultural products, and I also come from the countryside in dashan." At present, some Junbing are waiting for the arrival of the peak season sales of agricultural and sideline products. According to his estimates, in November and December two months, his online monthly sales will exceed million yuan. Will open the home market sales of chicken home business to open shop, it seems good, but difficult. Duan Junbing told the Yangtze Daily reporter exclaimed, as the electricity supplier of agricultural products need a lot of money for the stockpile to ensure the supply of rural, secondly it is difficult to find the appropriate operating personnel. April 2014, coincides with the demand for red jujube walnut dried fruit. However, due to the quality of goods sent by suppliers not up to standard, the shop was out of stock, lost hundreds of thousands in just a few days. Duan Junbing decided to go to the countryside to collect agricultural products and make good quality in the front line. The biggest single product sold in the shop is sweet potato powder. In order to control the quality from the source, Duan also regularly organizes staff to visit the farmer’s home. The mountain of home is suitable for planting sweet potato, but the farmers can not walk out of the mountain." By visiting Junbing and hundreds of households have long reached a purchase agreement, not only to solve the supply problem, farmers’ income can be guaranteed. At present, some Junbing is pondering over stocking chicken home business, plans to help farmers set up cooperatives, the use of electronic business platform will open the chicken sales. "Duan Junbing told reporters that he will set up branch offices in Yibin and sell his high-quality and healthy farmer’s products. "The operation of agricultural products electricity supplier is more and more difficult."." Duan Junbing said that the management of agricultural products, the product is the core, must not be shoddy, the Y

武汉大学生利用电商平台卖农产品 年销售额超400万大学期间卖过球衣、办过补习班,靠兼职供自己和两个弟弟念书,毕业于武汉科技大学的四川伢段俊兵于2013年11月回乡创办了一家网店,经营家乡的农产品。去年,段俊兵的网店卖出约五万斤手工红薯粉,全年销售额超过400万元。经营工艺品失败转向销售农产品段俊兵出身于四川省宜宾市筠连县一个偏远小山村里,父母靠种地供段俊兵三兄弟读书。2008年,段俊兵以619分的成绩考上了武科大城建学院土木工程专业。也是在那个夏天,他的父亲意外去世。大学期间,段俊兵卖过球衣、开办过补习班,还曾组建起一支250人的“售报军团”。他靠着兼职挣下的钱读完了大学,还供两个弟弟进了高中。大学毕业后,段俊兵曾借来20万元创业,开网店经营工艺品。但由于经验不足,亏损了近30万元。“后来发现农产品干货容易保存,而且人们对食品安全越来越重视。我出身农村,对家乡特产再熟悉不过。”段俊兵最终把创业方向锁定在了农产品电商上。2013年11月1日,段俊兵在成都开办淘宝网店,销售四川地区的农家手工特产以及农产品干货。仅去年就卖出了约五万斤手工红薯粉,年销售额超过400万。他还给产品注册了商标。“名字虽有些拗口,但很贴切。网店是做农产品,我也来自大山里的农村。”目前,段俊兵正等待着农副产品销售旺季的到来。据他估算,11月、12月两个月,他网店的月销售额将超百万元。将打开家乡土鸡销售市场回乡创业开网店,看似美好,实则困难重重。段俊兵向长江商报记者感叹,做农产品电商需要大量资金进行囤货保证供应,其次农村难以招募到合适的运营人才。2014年4月,适逢红枣核桃类干果需求旺盛。但由于货源商家送来的货品质量不达标,网店一度缺货,短短几天损失数十万。段俊兵决定自己下乡定点采集农产品货源,在一线把好质量关。网店销售量最大的单品为红薯粉,为了从源头上把控品质,段俊兵还定期组织员工到农户家里走访。“老家的大山适宜种植红薯,可农户们生产的红薯走不出大山。”通过走访段俊兵已与百余户农户达成了采购协议,不仅解决了货源问题,农户的收入也可以得到保障。目前,段俊兵正琢磨着经营老家的放养土鸡,计划帮农户建立合作社,利用电商平台将土鸡的销量打开。“段俊兵告诉记者,他将在宜宾建立分公司,将家乡优质健康的农户产品销售出去。“经营农产品电商的难度越来越大了。”段俊兵表示,经营农产品,产品是核心,一定不能以次充好,其次农产品不是标类产品,如没有独自的货源,会增加收购成本。“经营者需完善产业链,做小类、不能贪全,店铺有特色才有利润空间。同时,由于农产品物流成本高,抱团经营较为重要,可有效降低物流成本。”更多创业资讯,请关注大楚创业微信,扫描下方二维码或搜索dachucy相关的主题文章:

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