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Where are you going for the National Day holiday?   Guangxi to carry out tourism activities — people.com.cn Guangxi Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn in Nanning in September 30, the National Day golden week is coming, when the weather, during the national day, Guangxi has no effect of strong cold air and typhoon, stable temperature, and in most parts of the region the highest temperature of 30 degrees to 34 degrees, the minimum temperature of 21 ~ in 26 degrees, cloudy to sunny weather. Depending on the weather, Guangxi and more in the National Day period will all work, to carry out special activities to celebrate the birthday of the motherland. Such a good holiday, you want to go where good hey? Nanning Qingxiu District Creative Cultural Tourism Festival urban tour from September 29th to October 7th to hi earthshaking, "the charm of green wind, city tour" as the theme of the 2016 creative Qingxiu district culture and Tourism Festival will be held at the Nanning Convention and Exhibition Center (the main venue), Qingxiu District Nanyang town and Liu Wei Zhen (the venue) held. The cultural tourism festival instead of the two main cultural tourism festival folk customs practices, the main venue located in the downtown city, outstanding build creative culture, at the same time, the rural township of traditional national culture, lead the tourists to experience a city tour. September 29th -10 month 1 days, green? Green Music Festival, "looking for green name card" series selection display activities, "beauty of green" theme photography, painting and calligraphy exhibition will be held at the Nanning Convention Center; October 1st -10 month 7 days, "the art of the ancient Yue Po Yuhu colorful flower" series of activities will be held in the town of Nanyang district; October 1st -10 month 3 days, "Liu Wei Zhuang customs and colorful ethnic customs tour" series of activities will be held in the District Liu Wei Town Street; and from September to December, harmonious big theatrical performances of excellent works tour activities and 2016 Qingxiu District Culture and creative industry start the design competition will be carried out in Qingxiu district. Guilin (seven) International Festival of lights in the sky dream large colorful Lianliankan during the festival, Guilin (seven) International dream large light festival will be held in seven scenic sand island, 60 million small lights will light up the Guilin night. In addition to the beautiful time tunnel, love, and so on, as well as the Eiffel Tower, Holland windmill and many other world-famous scenic spots, you can travel all over the world. In addition, on October 1st, 4, the Guilin theme park will be held in Montreal, Montreal, Guilin, the first animation carnival. Magic bubble Party, Cosplay parade, thermal home dance game, let you feel the charm of hot dance. Liuzhou water Carnival 4 plate 16 projects as you play water carnival is a carnival in Liuzhou once a year, this year the water festival opening ceremony will be held on October 1st, until the end of October 7th. The water Carnival set up a total of 4 plates, a total of 16 major items. The 4 plates including wisdom: Wisdom Carnival Carnival Carnival technology service platform, interactive entertainment, entertainment Carnival Carnival Carnival Carnival: autumn wind tunnel; and the big parade, green water carnival, Chinese Liuzhou fancy motorboat international competition, Hawaii Huanjiang boat rally, water UFO boat trip across the city, IAC world water speed movement contest; carnival: Italian Cultural Exchange: the classic carnival season;)相关的主题文章:

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