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What is a real mature man like? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: mercy reading until you make friends with the years I realized that my tears flow for you not for others and flow of young girls always ask me a question, in the end what man can marry? The problem is too complicated, a key with a lock. A truly mature man, you will see a different world, so that you will not be the same as the past and women. But remember, really good mature men, routines are very deep, but it is not the idol drama in the kind of overbearing President routine. You want to poke those labels, to see the depths of his heart, in the end is not mature enough. A mature | he let you | become lower or higher, Sophie was also two excellent male pursuit, Mr. A very talkative, very understand a girl’s mind, will make an effort to make a lot of romance, she will send musical VIP tickets. Mr. B doesn’t seem to be so engaged, and rarely takes the initiative to schedule appointments, and generally says: go where you like. I listened to her description and knew that she would have preferred the previous one. I know, I’m afraid it’s hard to convince her. So I gave her a proposal to see her friends. After half a month, her mood is very low to find me, he said to me: A and friends together, they are a very uncomfortable, "what makes you together with him" picky, especially his female friends. Nevertheless, she was conquered by Mr. A’s sweet offensive, and soon went to meet her parents. But soon found that his parents and his friends are exactly the same, speech and deportment "my son is so good, what can you worthy of him?" For a long time, she actually had a feeling that he is too good, he and I together is high, so I should be more low attitude to cooperate with him. I saw her pining away, before losing the style, but she could not bear to know he can meet her too many girls like dreams. Just that feeling, probably like a roller coaster, after the peak, all the valley. A lot of girls encounter such a man, there will be an illusion that a man will take you to see prosperity. The bustling dream, only those who are holding low to the dust to exchange. But this must be the only way. I said to Sophie: some meet and fall in love, must be as early as possible, a little earlier, pain, you will not know yourself in love, in the end should be placed in what position. Self | II | real mature man, will let you become very high after half a year, she make no reply broke up, the man behind the ego is sweet, selfish even. He arranged everything, drunk, no matter whether the other party has time to cooperate. He’s the only one who loves him. The reason why they broke up, he was always a friend in front of her boss around, did not feel what is wrong. He doesn’t understand: I just want you to help me maintain my face, can’t you? He can相关的主题文章:

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