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Wang Meng Yi Xinjiang story: I am not happy in a very happy "tamarensis Xia’er" – Beijing, China News Agency, San Francisco 13 September Xinhua: Wang Meng San Francisco Xinjiang Yi story: I have a very happy "tamarensis Xia’er" China News Agency reporter Liu Dan "Uygur believes that in addition to the dead, not in Death happy times, the other is" Tamar Xia’er "(and the pursuit of happiness"). I have a very happy "summer in Xinjiang Tamar unhappy period"." Local time on September 13th afternoon, China former culture minister, famous writer, scholar Wang Meng in the United States of San Francisco Municipal Library’s speech "scenery here – I was in more than 250 listeners continuous applause and laughter in sixteen years in Xinjiang", one of the third "across the Pacific – Chinese Art Festival" the content of speech it is also held in the western United States. 21 years old to complete the novel "long live the youth," the famous Wang Meng and a month on the full of the age of 82. He is diligent in writing, has won numerous awards. Last year in Xinjiang to create life, "landscape here" and won the Mao Dun prize for literature. In the library All seats are occupied. can accommodate more than and 235 seat auditorium, klotter, rear space and increase the number of folding chair. Chinese Consul General in San Francisco Luo Linquan, Cultural Counselor Xiao Xiayong, director of San Francisco Municipal Library Lewis? Heriot Xu Jie, director of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the local Chinese community and literature lovers together, listen to Wang Meng talk about the story of Xinjiang. Wang Meng in the form of a story, Chinese, Uyghur and English alternately, share from 1963 to 1978 in Xinjiang 16 years of life and feelings, the screen behind the changing background of Wang Meng in different periods in Xinjiang. In 1956, the 24 year old Wang Meng, who was hit by the new youth of the Ministry of culture, was relegated to the outskirts of Beijing to work for a period of 4 years. "I went to Xinjiang in a very unhappy time, and I was very happy in Xinjiang." Wang Meng recalled that in 1963 he went to Xinjiang, the autonomous region Federation after careful study, think out a best way, let me go to the best of Xinjiang’s Yili area labor training." Please note that is’ exercise ‘, exercise, not labor reform, and I also serves as the Bayan Dai Dai Zhen Bayan commune two deputy brigade commander, the equivalent of vice share level cadres." Wang Meng with a humorous tone in English in particular to explain the difference between exercise and transformation, the audience has been laughter, applause. Wang Meng recalled the local Uighur people for 7 years did not come in the door began to swallow nest beam I live and that I am a good person ", because" I quickly read "laosanpian" in Uygur language, and they say I read the radio as like as two peas." When asked whether he had a gift for languages, Wang Meng replied, "I and Uighurs have drunk two tons of wine." "Whenever I think of these, my heart is full of warmth, I am not happy when the local people’s trust." Wang Meng said with emotion, "the people of Xinjiang is so lovely, how I like"相关的主题文章:

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