Victoria Song Yang Yang love mystery woman voted CP poll leaked (video) misao

Victoria Song Yang Yang love mystery woman cast "CP Victoria Song voted" leaked to vote for Yang Yang Zheng Shuang CP Victoria Song Yang Yang Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan "news" reported that the actor Yang Yang in the television version of "smile" played very little looks cool, gentle heart of the actor in the play he and Xiao Nai, the heroine of romance fancy, kiss, every time after the broadcast will become the focus of discussion, it is now the most popular male god. Earlier he and Victoria Song (Victoria) in love, although the 2 have not been confirmed, but recently the woman’s small move and set off a discussion. Victoria Song has been exposed and 5 year old Yang Yang "cohabitation Hotel" in April, even on the Internet and the man repeatedly out of her film, so fans between the 2 men that are in love, but a few days later came in her contacts agent Jia Shikai, but Victoria Song worked in micro-blog room immediately issued a statement to clarify and broker the rumor is false news, but fans curious is the statement made no mention that she and Yang Yang scandal, attracted fans curious: "so with Yang Yang is really?" But the broker Jia Shikai said "the world no matter, why should bear", alluding to "madder love" is "no matter". After a few months, with Yang Yang because of the show "smile" hot pursuit by the fans, he and Victoria Song’s relationship to concern, although he has said there is no indirect relationship, but the fans still have 31, but half believe and half doubt, micro-blog users launched the "love you most screen partner" vote, where options are "Yang Yang Victoria Song" and "Yang Yang Liu Yifei" and "Yang Yang Zheng Shuang" option, users found Victoria Song quietly voted for "Yang Yang Zheng Shuang CP", netizens speculated that she was denied to gossip, but there are also netizens think "too deliberately like hype". Yang Yang Victoria Song s slow dance with tryst相关的主题文章:

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