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"The sparrow" Li Yifeng spy no value for the get both praise and blame Yan – Beijing from "Gu Jian" "explosion of red, Li Yifeng has starred in" Tomb notes "" Zhi "Qingyun IP series, is the hit Spy Drama" sparrow ", he is also starring. But some users have high values of Yan Li Yifeng do not buy it, did not think his performance was to deduce the protagonist of Chen Shen’s complex and level, is to play the villain Zhang Luyi, the strength of RCC, let a person look embarrassed. Kan Qingzi, Dongyu Zhou, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, "the sparrow", which is starring in the works of Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi, and so on, such as, by the way of "the sparrow" by the people of the world, such as the works of "the sparrow", such as the works of Zhang Ruoyun,, and so on. This year, the sparrow is also a popular idol with the strength of the actor’s strategy. Judging from the current situation, Li Yifeng’s apparent role in stimulating the audience, but the audience for his acting controversy is also very large. But unfortunately, these plays are very high, but the quality is generally. "Sparrow" in star Li Yifeng Chen deep set is a double agent barber was born, lurking in the Wang puppet headquarters chief agent Bi Zhongliang side. He often went to MGM ballroom dancing, with joy, and helped Bi Zhongliang deal in opium business, but behind him, but the mission, deep humanity, a thrilling battle. Li Yifeng played Chen Shen, the shape of the problem is not large, but also shows his personal initiative in the acting. When Li Yifeng and the villain Bi Zhongliang Luyi Zhang on the play, Luyi Zhang with their eyes, facial micro expressions, with deep pressure, Chen language used to intimidate, temptation, Li Yifeng is "stare" and "hold the nostrils". This performance, not only can not show the full charm of the role of Chen Shen, but also often make people feel that he did not really into the play. Although the "sparrow" recently very fire, but Li Yifeng Dongyu Zhou has also been criticized, critics criticized the "not in the original Republic fan children, more netizens pointed out that the plot is weak, and the novel is too far, the netizen" still alive "said:" reading novels and spy taste however, adaptation of the story than the Spy Drama Its loopholes appeared one after another.. I know why the new spy drama than the original classic (now, before dawn, cliff, latent plot, not without a good script), but I don’t want to the director in accordance with the spy, but how to how to attract the eye, and the thunder have crotch hidden. What separated twins, brothers, polyamory and so on, is the so-called spy no feelings for the plot, no value for yan." West China Metropolis Daily reporter Yang Fan相关的主题文章:

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