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The nine film get together and release the "magic" of "magical animal Ao animal where" the Sina entertainment news today (25 days), the theater usher in a small climax, including "magical animal", "marine romance" including the 9 film get together and release the new battlefield had deserted by the end of November schedule rarely become "rescue" this week, the competition is particularly fierce. "The magical animal" nearly 80 million grades won the single day box office champion, in its magic power, the market below 120 million. "Marine romance" 13 million for the runner up position, the box office performance as expected. Also worth mentioning is that under the film too much competition, many films become cannon fodder, "Saimoe height difference" released on the first day just 1 million 500 thousand. In addition, as of November 25th, in 2016 the annual box office 40 billion 800 million, and last year’s nearly 3 billion of the gap between the 44 billion. November is coming to an end, only 1 billion 800 million of the total monthly box office. However, in October, the Mekong action broke 1 billion, the month the total box office won the 3 billion 400 million. If the December can be warmed to heat of October, a similar explosion models one billion, 1 seeded players such as "the Great Wall", then tied 44 billion, although difficult, but not impossible. "The magical animal" won the first day at the box office film get together a fodder and in previous years, in November 2016 December, foreign films series set file, get together and release to tie the 44 billion of last year’s box office. November was supposed to be a hope, but unfortunately did not appear to burst. Following the "Billy Lynn", "Doctor Strange" have hand over the baton after the November schedule all hope of the fall in the Rowling magic as "magical animal" restart. 25 days after the release, the first day at the box office in 74 million, law-abiding, its magic power, the market soared to 120 million, the performance is pretty good. The other 8 films released on the same day were not so lucky. The Disney animated film "ocean romance" on the first day box office 13 million, earned the runner up position, this performance is not ideal. And several other films in the fierce competition, basically become cannon fodder. Directed by Daniel Wu Lam, [micro-blog], Chang Hsiao Chuan [micro-blog], Zhang Ruoyun [micro-blog] starring "fire" into the first day at the box office just over 10 million, "and" the height difference between the most adorable small budget film only get about 1500000 of the box office. The total box office forecast in 2016: 44 billion tied not impossible earlier, "Billy Lynn", "strange", "magic" animal doctor is hoping to pull the box office in November and the annual box office of three carriages. "Billy Lynn" upset sacked, released 15 days just 150 million, well below expectations; "700 million" Doctor Strange mark, remarkable performance. "Pan Jinlian" the flow is good, but most attention in the [micro-blog] Feng Xiaogang and Wanda’s war of words, at the box office is far from rosy mouth, released 8 days, the box office through 300 million, is good, but still can not afford to support the overall box office in November. Highly anticipated "magical animals", as the magic of the world’s restart, zero field box office 220)相关的主题文章:

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