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The new semester compulsory education Chinese history textbook in Beijing Xinhua News Agency on 31 August, the compulsory education of morality and the rule of law, Chinese history textbook is three, implement the party’s education policy, reflecting the will of the state, an important carrier of inheritance of national culture, has the extremely important and special role in the ideological and moral education of young students. Since the fall of September 2016, three new materials put into use in grade schools starting, meet with the majority of primary and secondary school teachers and students. According to the Central Committee on strengthening the construction of teaching materials of three requirements, focus on the implementation of the fundamental task Lide Shuren, based on a comprehensive summary of the curriculum reform experimental results and years of experience, the Ministry of education and concentrate on the organization of experts carefully prepared three compulsory education textbooks, hired experts of noble character and high prestige academic attainments, served as general editor. Three textbooks adhere to moral education first, comprehensive integration of socialist core values, heritage and promote the Chinese traditional culture, strengthening the revolutionary tradition, national unity, national security and the rule of law education; adhere to the student oriented, follow the rules of adolescent cognitive development and education law, contact the student’s life experience, knowledge and culture the ability and emotion, attitude and values together organically; adhere to the inheritance and development, teaching content is relatively stable, the classic table of contents from generation to generation, and keep pace with the times, reflect the latest achievements in economic and social development, the progress of science and technology and the Marx doctrine of China. The process of compiling teaching materials, specifically for the National Education Advisory Committee and the Central Advisory Committee, "Ma project" hundreds of experts, organized the school in parts of East and West 14 provinces to carry out teaching trial. For the overall good politics and our thought and science, Chinese textbook review adopted a more stringent discipline review, comprehensive review and thematic review. Not only from a professional point of view of the teaching contents of scientific, systematic, accuracy and suitability checks, and overall consideration of interdisciplinary cooperation and learn all the longitudinal horizontal convergence checks, while focusing on the special checks on involving China’s sovereignty, border waters, major events, famous people and other content, and ensure the quality the overall level of teaching materials. Three new textbooks more prominent educational orientation, with in-depth implementation of quality education, not only inherits the classic and rich flavor of the times, not only follow the rules and discipline of students close to the actual, ideological, scientific, interesting and practical combination. After the introduction of new materials, experts will also continue to track the study, in the course of practice, timely revision and improvement, and constantly improve the quality of teaching materials. After the primary and secondary school Chinese language textbooks for the new version to increase the proportion of Sinology相关的主题文章:

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