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"The new season game" exposure North love Studio Photos many stars appeared game of the sixth season _10 > > > click to enter the video Tencent, watch the game of Thrones "sixth season" entertainment news (the Tencent Frank) in the past few days across the "Primetime Emmy Award" (Primetime Emmy Awards). HBO TV’s epic fantasy drama "game of Thrones" (Game of Thrones) has been successful beyond the "happy family" (Frasier), one of the most successful Emmy Award in the history of drama. At the same time, the "right" tour of a new season in Northern Ireland has also started, in the foreign media exposure of the photo studio, the many stars are coming out. "Game of Thrones" a new season in Northern Ireland Studio Photos, mostly around the crew of the dressing room, as Jon Snow · (Jon Snow) · Kit (Kit Harington); Harrington, play the role of "beauty" Renee (Brienne) Gwen Doran & middot; Christie (Gwendoline Christie) play, "onion Knight" Davos · Xi Haworth (Davos Seaworth) Liam · Cunningham (Liam Cunningham), playing "little finger" petyr · (Petyr Baelish) of Berri Schiff, Aidan Gillen (Aiden & middot; Gillen), and play the role of "three silly" Sophie Turner · (Sophie Turner) substitute, in which there. "Game of Thrones" before the six season are launched in March and April, this also let the play can concentrate for an Emmy Award in September announced in the seventh quarter, but due to climate reasons postponed after the shooting, the play of the new season can only be postponed until next summer launch, because of missing the provisions of the broadcast time, "the right to travel" the seventh quarter will also bid farewell to the Emmy Award next year in advance.相关的主题文章:

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