The name Xuan nebula wrote this month to the starting point of the Silk Road mothering – Beijing

The name "Xuan" nebula wrote this month to the starting point of the Silk Road "mothering" – Beijing, Beijing, September 12 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter Li Guigang) from Taiwan, the Venerable Master Hsing Yun wrote a large new historical drama "Xuanzang" this month will go to the starting point of "pilgrimage to the West, the pro Xuanzhang", again renew front. Born in Luoyang and grew up in Henan, the famous Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang, is renowned at home and abroad, founder of law in. The new opera "Xuan Zang" tells the story of Xuan Zang through hardships pilgrimage to the West in India, painstaking study of Buddhist stories. Henan Opera Institute 12 news, "" third "Xuanzang successfully nominated Silk Road International Art Festival, will perform in Xi’an this month 15 days, 16 days. The International Art Festival "to participate in the activities of the 60" The Belt and Road along and related countries and regions. Informed that the "Xuan Zang" of the west, and to learn from Xuan Zang and the Silk Road starting point of origin again, let Xi’an people close understanding of opera, Xuan Zang and Shaanxi puzzled. In fact, in the history of opera, Xuan Zang and Shaanxi Xi’an have indissoluble bound. The famous playwright, drama educator Fan Cuiting founded in 1934 in the city of Henan sound drama, after settled in Xi’an, to become the city of Xi’an opera group predecessor. Chang Xiangyu, Cui Lantian, opera master Chen Suzhen and Ma Jinfeng both played in the league. Historical records, Chinese in the Tang Dynasty, Xuan Zang from Changan (now Xi’an), along the "Silk Road", after three years of arduous trek and 50000 in solitary syndrome, finally reached the holy land of Buddhism tianzhu. Returned, Xuan Zang became Xi’an’s first temple presided over the construction of the big wild goose pagoda, used from India to relic, statues and scriptures. Chinese Federation vice president Zhong Chengxiang had thought the influence of Xuan Zang culture of the affected area in Central Asia, West Asia, the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean, Burma, Thailand, Japan and South Korea, Xuan Zang westbound road is the Silk Road in the history of the main line, to return to the road is the main road of the Silk Road on the sea. "He" will promote the "promote the development of The Belt and Road" entity concept. (end)相关的主题文章:

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