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The Mid Autumn Festival lacks the sense of ceremony to change the vacation? Scholars called attention to family reunion – Beijing map: Mid Autumn Festival Chengdu children Chinese Clothing promotion of traditional culture. Anyuan photo Beijing, Beijing, September 15 (Shangguan) Mid Autumn Festival approaching, many people began to discuss how to celebrate early. The Mid Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festival Chinese, very early has been formed, and worship rich interesting customs. However, the reporter learned in the interview, a considerable proportion of respondents do not understand these traditional folk. A bit over sixty years old then exclaimed, now the old custom of Mid Autumn Festival not many people know, leaving a "eat moon cakes" is easy to remember, "where the shopping malls are discounted, it is more like a shopping festival". According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 80 traditional folk festivals in china. In addition to the "Spring Festival", "Lantern Festival", "Mid Autumn Festival", "cold", "summer" and "Shangsi" and other traditional festivals and folk culture are not well known. Data figure: Fuzhou Mid Autumn Festival to celebrate the blessing. Liu Kegeng photo at the same time, a little regret, the traditional festival seems to be more and more prominent". In the Mid Autumn Festival before the coming three days, the reporter interviewed 36 people, 30 of whom said he did not know what the Mid Autumn Festival, "is to eat moon cakes, or with the family and friends dinner". Beijing citizen Ms. Ho said in an interview, he usually too busy, just use the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday for three days to rest, "for children, the elderly to buy moon cake should be the occasion, for the rest of the festival, is not very understanding, is not the time to". Traditional food, just a material form of the festival, not all of the holiday." According to the "people’s Daily" reported that the CPPCC, the famous writer Feng Jicai has said, since ancient times, the Mid Autumn Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, in addition to season record function, has also been given a value, emotional connotation and needs a special. Data figure: Fujian Hanfu worship the girl. Photo by Liu Kegeng Feng Jicai and lament, to some extent, China traditional festivals have become a "holiday, there are few idle away in seeking pleasure" in the festive atmosphere, cultural taste and spiritual enjoyment on the few people in the inheritance and development, develop and enrich efforts. As Feng Jicai said, with the accelerated pace of life, in modern society, the connotation of traditional culture in the Mid Autumn Festival seems to be gradually diluted. In the context of urbanization and commercialization, the traditional family structure and the way to break the festival. In this regard, from time to time, some experts called for traditional festivals should be given the modern connotation of traditional culture on the basis of inheritance, so that the traditional festival of law with the times. Famous scholar Yu Dan told Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) of an interview with reporters, today the Mid Autumn Festival, more than in the past more "material": every kind of moon cakes, the mid autumn feast of all in one service, "but we have less sense of ceremony, the Mid Autumn Festival has become more and more holiday instead of festival. However, after all, the Moon Festival is not moon cake festival." Data figure: Chinese traditional Lunar New Year Mid Autumn Festival, Fuzhou three square held in the seven Mid Autumn Festival ""相关的主题文章:

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