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The man bought a new car but very Zaoxin just opened three days out of the car gearbox fault is a happy thing, but Mr. Zhang Wenzhou Ruian bought a new car but very Zaoxin, because the car only lasted three days, out of the gearbox fault. The day before, Mr. Zhang on the matter to the Ruian city market authority complaint, finally agreed to a free replacement gearbox and car warranty for one year. According to Mr. Zhang said, his car is purchased from Ruian in September 23rd this year, Anyang street, a car, from the car on the way home, he found the car in gear is not very smooth, the tram line immediately caused by inquiry, are told in a normal situation. The next day, Mr. Zhang to the car car seat installation behavior, and let dealers to debug the car, the gear is not smooth the situation immediately disappear. But on the third day, Guadang bad situation appeared again, he will be the car to the garage after the inspection is gearbox fault recognition. Because of transmission failure, Mr. Zhang believes that the quality of the car there is a problem, requiring a refund or replacement of the new car, was rejected by the merchant. In desperation, Mr. Zhang dialed 12315 for help. After receiving complaints, the Ruian municipal market authority law enforcement personnel to understand the situation of both sides, confirmed Mr. Zhang sues and carefully with the dealers responsible person to explain the relevant laws. After mediation, the two sides reached an agreement, free of charge for the replacement of Mr. Zhang’s new gearbox, the extension of the warranty period of one year, and compensate Mr. Zhang three basic maintenance. Here, market supervision department issued four Car Buying reminder: is the best in the pedestrian "escort". In the purchase of vehicles, the best choice of car friends to test whether the vehicle performance is good, comfortable, carefully selected after the delivery of the deposit. The two is to prevent "a verbal statement without any proof". Car Buying signed a contract, for a variety of sales personnel oral commitments, to write a contract in the form of text; for an important part of the performance, appearance, configuration to carefully examine the check, such as the date and other requirements to be written in the contract, so that when the dispute arises, it can do. Three is the car to "identify". When mentioning the car to check its nameplate clicast, certificate number and engine number, chassis number; the paint appearance has no scratch, scratch; if the inspection of imported cars, imported goods will prove and tariff, value-added tax payable tax, avoid buying import formalities incomplete vehicle not on the card. Four to understand the laws and regulations. AQSIQ issued the "domestic automobile product repair, replacement, return responsibility provisions" that is, the provisions of the three car package was implemented in October 1, 2013, consumers are advised to carefully understand the relevant rules before buying a car. In addition, the new "law" has been clearly defined, the car belongs to the household durable goods, date of delivery and quality problems within 6 months, the burden of proof by the operator, consumers do not need to rush their burden.相关的主题文章:

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