The dispute of 9377 Purist Thunderwrath’s siege warfare gameplay exposure 66814

The dispute of "9377" Purist Thunderwrath’s siege warfare gameplay exposure, competitive edge gathered, you each other as brothers. Sometimes brothers love is such a thing, do not need the baptism of time, do not need a solemn pledge of love. Only needs to have the common feeling, the common thought, the common dream, will become in the other side of the crisis time strong backing. Today we are going to talk about is the 9377 research since the "9377" Purist Thunderwrath swam in a matter of understanding between the Brothers – siege intense gameplay. "9377" Purist Thunderwrath’s official website: "9377" Purist Thunderwrath’s siege warfare gameplay exposure in the "9377" Purist Thunderwrath together, and participate in the siege guild good buddy, is really a great joy in the life, get rich rewards. Fish and shrimp have a reward, people admire city reward is rich. "9377" Purist Thunderwrath siege belongs to PVP combat activities, game player can participate in the siege Gang into battle. But if you are in the public will not apply to join the siege there is no way to kill myself. "9377" Purist Thunderwrath’s siege warfare gameplay exposure to apply for the siege guild must pay attention to the application of time, missed the application time even if another ability can only cry. At present, the "9377" Purist Thunderwrath siege warfare application time is Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday respectively these 3 days. After the application is successful, 20:00-22:00 for second nights, you can go to a city to participate in the siege. "9377" Purist Thunderwrath’s siege warfare gameplay exposure in the "9377 Purist Thunderwrath", a palace which was a member of a guild of success after the occupation of the gang is the winner of the siege. Then led the gang members go on the president of the peak of life greatly, this is definitely a battle planner. "9377" Purist Thunderwrath’s siege warfare gameplay exposure "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" siege reward: 1 victory of Lord President of the society will be the exclusive title of "thunder’s ruler", become remarkable city; rich reward the victory of the 2 president of the society will receive 2000 gold. "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" siege after the victory, the winner will be rewarded, and the Wangcheng guild in the city of thunder [] Santo statue, receive 2000 day gold awards. For the first time Wangcheng winning siege guild also in thunder city [] Santo statue, to receive the first siege reward (white tiger, rose Finch, Qinglong class jewelry one), receive the time for the city to fight the 22:02-23:59, please be sure to remember to receive the game player. "9377" Purist Thunderwrath’s siege warfare gameplay exposure "9377" new warriors Purist Thunderwrath return shock struck, open game player welfare privileges, the mass of rare props will allow are renewed in the New District, the old game player situation! Honor the return now, old comrades and brothers quickly come back, we Be There Or Be Square! Good game in 9377! 9377 R & D and operations in one game, independent research and development of "9377" Purist Thunderwrath.相关的主题文章:

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