The civet broke into happiness fell dizzy by the security community back to the wild mkdv-02

The civet broke into happiness fell dizzy by the security community on a small hill forest animal ran Zhangwan District happiness District, after being rescued by security fell dizzy. Security does not know what animals, to the newspaper for help. Contact the reporter for many years engaged in wild animals and plant protection professionals, identified by the scene is the civet, then the civet was brought to the Niutou mountain Forest Park release. "We ran a small monster, can you please contact the wildlife conservation experts to see, this animal is the bottom of what?" 21, 2009, the well-being of the district property to a reporter called a security. Happiness in the area of hillside, there is often a small animal before, have to patronize, ran into this area of goat. The district security chief master Chen WeChat sent to reporters a group of small animal photos, I saw this animal like a dog and cat like dogs, like cats, and white stripes on the face. The reporter immediately contacted for many years engaged in the protection of wildlife professionals in Leibo, he knew it was the civet, belonging to the provincial key protected wild animal, the general disposal procedure is to first aid, confirm the disease and injury, then release to the wild. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter with the Leibo community came together in happiness, in the green belt to see this small civet trespass. District security chief master Chen, the civet is falling down from the small slope, fell dizzy, security was rescued, tied here temporarily. Leibo will use the tools, civet please into the cage, and at that moment into the cage, the little guy actually turned in the hand of Leibo snapped. In spite of the gloves, Leibo’s fingers are still bleeding. Simple treatment of the wound, Leibo will drive the civets to Niutou mountain Forest Park, will release the civet. "Shiyan’s ecological environment has been good, in recent years, often there are monkeys, owls, eagles, civet, giant salamander and other wild animal, were injured after being found by US citizens, released after a few rescue." Leibo says. Sweep code big Chu Shiyan, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章:

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