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The 94 Shenyang area designated as red ecological protection zone, Qipanshan Expo Park, Hun River, Pu river landscape and park Dongling were listed recently, the Shenyang municipal government office issued the "notice on strengthening the ecological protection of the red line management" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). "Notice" clear, Shenyang has 94 areas for ecological protection red line. The familiar checkerboard mountain, Forest Park, Expo Park, five Longshan, river landscape, Pu river landscape and famous parks are included in the. The city’s ecological protection red line area of 2678.11 square kilometers, of which a class area of 441.88 square kilometers, accounting for about 16.5% of the total area of 2236.23 square kilometers, accounting for 83.5%. Ecological protection red line area accounts for 20.8% of the city’s land area, covering more than 90% of the city’s important ecological function areas and ecologically vulnerable areas. I covered the city ecological Red Zone Nature Reserve, ecological protection, on both sides of the river bank, centralized water source protection areas, scenic spots, Forest Park, wetland park, and other important ecological function areas, ecological sensitive areas and biological barrier zone. In order to properly handle the relationship between development and protection, Shenyang will be taken according to the actual classification management measures, the ecological protection of the red line is divided into one class, two types of areas for control. One area is the core area of ecological protection red line, the implementation of the most stringent control measures. The two category is the buffer zone of ecological protection red line, focusing on the protection and restoration of ecological environment. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Lv Jia, the city’s 94 district ecological protection Red List 1 five Longshan biodiversity conservation in the red zone 2 Shiren Mountain water conservation, biodiversity protection red 3 white qingzhai water conservation, biodiversity protection red District 4 Wolong Lake biodiversity protection red zone 5 Fairy Lake biodiversity the protection of the red zone 6 aerolite Mountain Water Conservation District 7 red Qipanshan conservation, biodiversity conservation in the Red Zone 8 slope in biodiversity conservation in the red zone 9 Chaoyang Mountain Biodiversity Protection red zone 10 Chinese Temple biodiversity protection red zone 11 huanzidong biodiversity protection red water conservation water conservation district 12 red line 13 Shen red zone 14 northwest wind sand Sun farm shop windbreak red zone 15 Shandong Tun nursery area 16 big red sand fixing forest windbreak red Xin Tun District 17 Diaobingshan forest windbreak red zone 18 Baltimore Hushan forest windbreak red zone 19 Majiadian forest windbreak red zone 20 Tashan forest red zone 21 eight subsidiary windbreak nursery windbreak red zone 22 the ancient maple forest windbreak red zone 23 Lin Taiwan District 24 town red sand town forest windbreak red zone 25 Xinmin forest windbreak red zone 26 Xu grass ditch forest water conservation zone 27 red line相关的主题文章:

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