Shen Hai high-speed road Zhaoan Ningde a bus rollover has caused 3 dead 16 injured

Shen Hai high-speed road Zhaoan Ningde a bus rollover accident has caused 3 dead 16 injured bus was righting, severely damaged, over the mess. (Zhangzhou fire for map) in September 17, Fuzhou (Xiao Heyong) this afternoon, Fujian Shen speed Zhangzhou Zhaoan road with bus rollover accident. Reporters learned that the accident has caused 3 deaths, and another 16 people were injured in varying degrees. According to reports, the accident occurred in the direction of the sea to Guangdong high-speed Fujian, Zhangzhou Zhaoan East high-speed exports about 1 kilometers. Today at 16:20 PM, Zhangzhou high-speed traffic police after receiving the alarm, the local high-speed, high-speed traffic comprehensive law enforcement, fire and other departments rushed to the scene to rescue 120. The scene of the accident rescue personnel told reporters more than, the rain, the car part of the passengers to escape, were trapped by many departments and rescue personnel rescued. reporter from the Fujian Zhangzhou high-speed traffic police detachment was informed that the accident bus driver into Huang (36 years old, Jiangxi province Shanggao county people), the bus accident for all of Fuding province Fujian City Motor Transport Company limited. This accident resulted in 2 people were killed, 1 people were sent to hospital for medical treatment and death, the 2 were seriously injured, and 14 people with minor skin trauma. Currently, the wounded treatment, accident investigation and other rehabilitation work is carried out in an orderly manner. Accident bus rollover, cross at high speed. (Zhangzhou fire for map) Zhangzhou firefighters into the car to rescue the wounded. (Zhangzhou fire for map) firefighters, law enforcement officers will rescue the wounded. (Zhangzhou fire for map)相关的主题文章:

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