Sausage party dispute involving animation black factory scandal winpm

"Sausage party" trouble in animation factory scandal believe that people were more or less heard of the Japanese animation industry is serious, most of the staff but did not pay off, even some of the Japanese animation company to sweatshops, criticized this press industry personnel phenomenon. However, this phenomenon is not only a japanese. Recently, the United States animated film sausage party disputes caused by the animation foundry black scandal. "After the sausage party" win at the box office, the director of Greg Tiernan and Connor Vernon in an interview, boasting the film cost is low, only $19 million (about 127 million yuan), than Disney, making funds flow easily even Pixar DreamWorks of billions of dollars, is cheap. This interview was put on the Internet triggered a big broke the news, there have been many claiming to be an anonymous staff member of the film, known as the animation foundry is the Nitrogen animation studio in Vancouver, canada. Broke the news alleged during production Nitrogen poor working conditions, require unpaid overtime, threatening employees, and even a number of animators are not included in the list of the end staff, suspected retaliation for their complaints. According to the message, the animation department of 45 people, 2/3 people at the end of last year signed a petition to the management, Sue Nitrogen take the pressure tactics during production, and provide better working environment and overtime. Sausage party is the first animated cartoon of Nitrogen, which is mainly used for children’s TV programs. Both the pattern, production requirements, conditions are very different. It is understood that the next film soon, Nitrogen is difficult to complete on schedule in April deadline, the animators were forced to work overtime, but no extra pay. He came to the management of unpaid overtime employees to coerce intimidation, and even some animators quits. When Annapurna heard the film petition issue, immediately pay overtime and after 6 p.m. still working staff meal expenses. However, many primary animators working day number is far more than 12 hours, not because they have no formal staff overtime. About 1200 local media workers union, has been to the Employment Standards Bureau of BC Province, Canada, in the form of a complaint to the third party, accused Nitrogen alleged unpaid overtime. The deputy director Jennifer morrow (Jennifer Moreau) said, Vancouver animation industry has a long working hours, unpaid overtime problems. According to the BC Employment Standards Act, animation artists are classified as high-tech professionals, especially 3D computer animation artists. But the legal loophole allows employers to ask them to work more than 40 hours a week, without having to pay overtime, daily minimum wages and holidays. Plus many animators are properties of case, the work piece work, they are paid much less. Penguin mother hopes that the Nitrogen event is a turning point, not when everyone in the animation world to get a happy time, their producers are suffering from unfair treatment – all over.相关的主题文章:

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