Ruby Lin Hsu Chi knew love pregnancy is still happy

Ruby Lin Hsu Chi: love without the knowledge of pregnancy is still happy Sina entertainment news September 9th, April pregnant Mommy Ruby Lin [micro-blog] 2016BAZAAR unveiled a Red Star Charity night. In September 7th, Ruby Lin admitted that in the event has been pregnant, pregnancy still attended the event, said she was "very happy", he will continue to work for a period of time. Good sister Hsu Chi recently talked about the flash marriage [micro-blog], Ruby Lin said that he did not know beforehand, don’t even know she was in love with Stephen Fung [micro-blog]. Sina entertainment: Why did not admit before pregnancy? Because it’s less than three months? Ruby Lin: No, because it is a private matter, you can save more. Sina entertainment: will slowly reduce the work? Ruby Lin: so far, there are some relatively temporary work, to take advertising, there are some magazine work, so will continue to finish it after… In fact, I did not say to rest, I think the situation is very good so far, the work also makes me feel very happy, it is also a kind of interaction, I think you can also. Sina entertainment: now the husband will be more concerned about the phone baby? Ruby Lin: we’re still very routine. Sina entertainment: no special? Ruby Lin: nothing special. Sina entertainment: parents should be more concerned about this matter, right? Ruby Lin: all right. Sina entertainment: there is no particular concern about, do a little delicious? Ruby Lin: from the past to now are very concerned about my body, because the work is busy, so the elders will not be too tired to care about, have time to rest more. Sina entertainment: is there to learn from the circle of friends mom? Ruby Lin: No. Sina entertainment: do you like boys or girls? Ruby Lin: all right. Sina entertainment: because users are looking forward to you after the child was born more like mom or dad, long eyelashes, small dimple, you look more like mom or dad? Ruby Lin: actually, I don’t think much of it. Sina entertainment: Shu Qi love do not know? Do not know how to get married? Ruby Lin: I do not know, because everyone has their own privacy, it is not something to explore in the end, want to talk about things, do not want to talk about personal convenience. Sina entertainment: after there is a special blessing? Ruby Lin: there must be some good friends. Sina entertainment: is there a job yet? Ruby Lin: there’s still work. Sina entertainment: what? Ruby Lin: there are commercials, as well as some activities, magazines need to complete. (Ran Zhang Dawei)相关的主题文章:

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