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"Journey to the west" in the pumpkin – Beijing Author: Zhou wall   "journey to the west" Eleventh: Yama ten agreed to let Tang Taizong return, Emperor Taizong said, I was very grateful, Huiyang life, nothing can reward, only a melon. Wang Hei said: "I have only a few Higashiuri, watermelon, pumpkin." I Taizong said, send to. So, to recruit Liu Quan, let him "a head of pumpkin yellow cuff money mouth with drugs", to the nether world to Hades pumpkin. Hades was very happy to accept the pumpkin. In the back number? Yi cloud: "a pair of pumpkin, the value of a few?" (Huang Zhouxing commented the "journey to the west", Zhonghua Book Company, 2009, page fifty-fifth) if the gift is too cheap. Zhang Shushen said, with Taizong two pumpkins, for twenty years — it is worthwhile to live. So, he said, Guangdong has a similar jackfruit, pumpkin, the dozens of pounds, node from the tree, sweet and beautiful; this is probably the pumpkin roll. (Zhang Shushen on the "journey to the west", Shanghai ancient books publishing house, 2014, page 141st) that is to say, Zhang Shushen thinks that Liu Quanjin is too unbelievable, pumpkin, should be more valuable fruits, so think of jackfruit — in fact he also don’t know much about jackfruit. Why let king into the pumpkin is really to the nether world, intriguing thing. Liu Quan is the head of a pumpkin ", it can only be two pumpkins stacked together, pumpkin is round to the top. From this shape, we know that this is a pumpkin. Halloween is often used as props in the above American children, digging holes when the round melon gougerot ghost. (Webster ‘s New Explorer Encyclopedia Desk, said there are two kinds of pumpkin, from the Americas, see the book, 2003 edition, page 1148th) we look at the pumpkin from the outside into the history of china. Because it is a flowering, make no reply, very much, so the work on it is not much description of botany. In 1578, Li Shizhen completed the "Compendium of Materia Medica". The twenty-eighth book is a dish of pumpkin, pumpkin said a South fan, to Fujian and Zhejiang, have planted this Yanjing etc.. Fruit is round, as big as a watermelon, such as muskmelon skin edges. One can be dozens of stars, melon color is green, yellow, red. After the collection of warm cream, can stay until spring. Pumpkin like melon seeds. The pumpkin flesh color is yellow, not eating. When to eat, cooked, peeled flesh, taste such as yam. Li Shizhen also said: the Wang Zhen "agricultural book" said in a shade of melon, a suitable shade, autumn, yellow like gold, the skin slightly thick, can be hidden to the spring, such as food. Doubt that this is a pumpkin. Li Shizhen said the Yin melon see Wang Zhen "agricultural book" of the "100 Valley" of the three is a spectral set? "Muskmelon" under article, did not say can not be eaten raw, from Muskmelon Varieties, not pumpkin. A book in 1273 of the "edit Nongsang" earlier than the "agricultural book" era, watermelon, melon, no pumpkin. A book in 1330 "was about to drink meal", there are no melon, watermelon, pumpkin. Live 106 years old birthday of Jia Ming, this is the yuan, after entering the Ming Dynasty is still in the "notice", the author of the diet).相关的主题文章:

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