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Poll: more than 80% Japanese said Beijing February new network attention – 14 according to Japanese media reported on the 14 problems of education, the Japanese cabinet recently released "education and lifelong learning related public opinion survey results, 80.9% of the respondents are concerned about education topic replied" attention "or" some degree of concern". In the multiple options of specific concerns, 69% answered "coping with bullying on campus, helping students and children who refused to go to school", accounting for the highest proportion. The report points out that people are paying more attention to education issues in the context of reports of bullying incidents. The Japanese Ministry of education responsible person stressed that "according to the results, to improve teacher training and school counseling system", to increase to receive to ad hoc school children’s support for bullying. In addition, 54.7% of respondents answered "perfect moral education and other spiritual beauty training", accounting for second higher; 52.4% answered "improve learning ability"". When asked whether to return to graduate school or specialized school after the graduation into society, "re learning" experience, 49.4% of respondents answered "yes" or "no", but in the future there is a plan". In order to promote the implementation of the policy need to go back to school to learn what the multiple-choice questions, 46.1% of respondents said "Tuition subsidies for financial assistance, the highest proportion. 47.5% of the respondents said they had "lifelong learning" in the past year, whether or not they had participated in cultural activities". The survey was conducted in December of 3000 Japanese adult men and women, with a recovery rate of 55.1%.

民调:逾八成日本人对教育问题表示关注-中新网   中新网2月14日电 据日本媒体14日报道,日本内阁日前公布了“教育和终身学习相关舆论调查”结果,80.9%的受访者就是否关注教育话题回答称“关注”或“某种程度上关注”。   报道称,在具体关注什么问题的多选项中,69.0%回答“应对校园欺凌问题,帮助拒绝上学的学生和儿童”,占比最高。报道指出,这反映出在有关欺凌事件的报道层出不穷等背景下,人们对教育问题的关注度颇高。   日本文部科学省负责人强调“将根据结果,加紧完善教师培训和学校的咨询制度”,有意加大对可接收因被欺凌而拒绝上学的儿童的特设学校的支援力度。另外,54.7%的受访者回答“完善品德教育等进行心灵美的培养”,占比第二高;52.4%回答“提高学力”。   在询问毕业步入社会后是否有回到研究生院或专科学校等“重新学习”的经历时,49.4%的受访者回答称“有”或者“没有,但今后有这个打算”。在为促进重回学校学习需要实施什么政策的多选题中,46.1%的受访者回答“补贴学费等经济上的援助”,占比最高。   关于一年内是否曾参加过文化活动等终身学习,47.5%的受访者表示“有”。   该调查于去年12月以日本3000名成年男女为对象实施,问卷回收率为55.1%。相关的主题文章:

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