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On the first day of the quarter finals LOL2016: SSG  vs  C9 three   crown report analysis; ambitious — people.com.cn Hainan channel — people.com.cn C9 team such as the global finals group phase upset team appeared one is one-sided and at the top of group D SSG team in the game, on the one hand is the C9 team strength, on the other hand also shows that the SSG team strength, although this is a global finals, but the SSG team’s performance in the game is very sophisticated. The final SSG Corps in hard power is far better than C9 SSG 3-0 in the Marine Corps, the final C9 team successfully jishensijiang! LOL2016 global finals victory over C9 SSG3:0, won the game, got the first semi-final places. 17173 heroes alliance to provide you with the latest S6 finals information. October 14, 2016, the League of heroes S6 finals in the 1/4 World War in the United States officially launched in Chicago. Here are eight SSG vs C9 the first game in the first game on the battlefield eight Samsung home court in North America, and the excavator Gank Road, but was out of two and even the snake woman flashed the counter to get a blood. Several attack C9 are SSG block down, and an ambush of the road but let out to the head. Another way to get down the next tower of blood. (Liu Hantao, commissioning editor Jiang Chengliu) 14, the S6 8 finals with a 3:0 win over the first day of SSG C9 into the top 4. After the game, SSG’s single player crown accepted an interview with OGN. Q. to say Hello Hello everyone, I am a single player SSG crown. Q. won the game. What do you want to say to the top 4? There is always a feeling of unease before the game begins. Feel very strange, how can have this kind of feeling, this is not to return to Korea?. Results in the actual performance of the game is still relatively good. Q. how about when you play in the game at the beginning of the feeling is also good, want to kill yourself in, want to avoid a Q, and then killed her. > < the first hand made Q. the reaction. Almost all of the C9 cry, what do you feel? If we win, it will be very exciting, but also because the tension has been eased, so to win. Q. you played really well, how do you practice? Practice is not so good, although always lose, but I did not lose the idea of the game. Q. heard that Cuvee won fifty thousand won in the United States with a haircut? Well, he cut his hair, and his strength seemed to have been cut off (laughs). Most people don’t think highly of SSG before the Q. game, but now a lot of people have changed their minds Although now won the game into the semi-finals相关的主题文章:

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