New game the first volume of CD sales break million July 2016 CD first volume ranking freyja

New Game the first volume of CD sales break million? July 2016 the first volume of Cd on Monday in the July 2016 ranking appointment wave animation BD DVD CD – will be sold, and we look forward to April – who can get the sales of the first, the July – there is no doubt that LoveLive! Sunshine!! The animation will become the summit top quarter hegemony, so watch for the row in the LoveLive! Sunshine!! How to work behind the sales ranking, according to the current information NewGame sales will become a new fan in July second, also hope to achieve the first volume of CD sales break million. Ranked first in accordance with the cumulative number: LoveLive! Sunshine "total points: 36154 second:" NewGame "has third points: 4378:" breaking the 3 peak of hope on the school BDBOX "accumulated points:   2364 4  Name:" power 100% "total number: 2162 fifth:" the vampire servant "(DVD)   the total points: 2018   6    Name:" blue ocean girl "total number: 1777 7  Name:" Yili Ya Fourth "magical girl accumulate points: 1621 8  Name:" mobile assault group second quarter "room eighth BDBOX1 cumulative number: 1536 Name:" 9& nbsp; the second season of the Earth Defense Department Meinan "(DVD)   total number: 1469 tenth:" the art department has a big problem "total points: 1285 water animation is Yiqijuechen, but the cumulative points of NewGame is 4378 BD in the first volume list The average ranking is more than and 220, NewGame this animation is already a big victory, see the final out of the initial sales to the number two season come ah, no NewGame see Beijing blow second season is not launched, boring life! [source: acgdoge]相关的主题文章:

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