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Do not rule out the NDRC requires more coal enterprises to reduce the possible national development and Reform Commission on November 3rd in the afternoon held a "standard of coal enterprise price will remind warned," because of the recent coal prices skyrocketing". Surging news practitioners learned that the national development and Reform Commission will ask the price of coal enterprises to take the initiative to cut prices. Some analysts said that this may be the first time the price requirements, the future does not rule out the need for more price cuts. Surging news noted that the meeting was held by the national development and Reform Commission Price supervision and Inspection Bureau, as well as the national development and Reform Commission economic operation and regulation bureau. According to incomplete statistics, this is the last 2 months to convene a meeting of the national development and Reform Commission coal prices sixth. Insiders said that the coal industry will be rarely seen warning. Integrated Coal Futures Research Institute Deng Shun told the surging news that ordinarily the coal industry to be about the market, but when the price of coal fell to the bottom, the national development and Reform Commission also help coal enterprises carry out. Now coal prices rose too crazy, has affected the downstream enterprises living space, so the national development and Reform Commission is also involved in the matter. The latest data show that in November 2nd, issued by the Qinhuangdao seaborne coal market of Bohai thermal coal price index (ring heat in Bohai 5500 kcal average price of thermal coal, English abbreviation: BSPI) continues to record this year. November 3rd, the latest data show that BSPI closed at 607 yuan tons, a record high since the beginning of this year, compared with the beginning of the year rose to 371 yuan per ton of $236, the cumulative increase of up to 63.6%. Up to now, BSPI has risen eighteen consecutive. In November 3rd, published by the China coal resource network 5500 kcal coal in FOB Qinhuangdao (CCI5500) is 710 yuan per ton, compared with the same period last year has doubled. In fact, Shenhua and China coal have adjusted to the price of coal. The evening of November 2nd, network news China coal market, coal energy [2.02% funding research report] group decided, from November 3rd onwards, the power on the basis of the existing coal spot prices down 10 yuan ton. This is in the analysis of future coal supply and demand fundamentals and price adjustments made in the rational basis, is expected to have a positive impact on the stability of the coal market. In addition, the Shenhua coal water in November spot prices the reference CCI index, with ten degrees count average price minus 10 yuan tons and in November, the spot price of the proportion of long union from October to 4.5:5.5, adjusted to 4:6. Coal downstream industry insiders, in November prices and the proportion of the formula, the same as in October Shenhua coal. However, coal prices is the real price, JOYOU information coal analyst off Italy said the news of surging, the coal enterprises are state-owned enterprises, many of the requirements of the adjustment in the development and reform commission. For example, coal is in one of their own price index down 10 yuan tons, but in fact is only a slowdown, it is not the absolute price. Off Italy said, the most important thing is the coal supply and demand problems, as long as no supply gap, rising coal prices will not support. In fact, the national development and Reform Commission had held several meetings, the main content is also thought.相关的主题文章:

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