Ma Yong look at the signing of the peace treaty of Paris

Ma Yong: look at the Treaty of Paris signed [Abstract] after the Sino Japanese War of Chinese, from the reform, political reform and the political, constitutional, revolution and Republic, until 1915 to return to the monarchy, the history of mankind several stages of the system. A mystery Chinese always puzzled: why is a great enemy small country? The author: Ma Yong (Professor, doctoral tutor of China Academy of Social Sciences) abstract point of view they finally refused to sacrifice his own reputation, for fear of being branded as traitors, traitors, refused to do for the country two evils of the decision. This is irresponsible, is China since the Southern Song dynasty literati in Qin Hui learned, rather than national smash smash, and said, is not willing to compromise. They avoid the traitor, traitor notoriety, but the country was so expensive. Paris and the meeting will be held in early 1919, the first World War victory in Paris meeting to discuss the aftermath. China took part in the meeting as a victorious nation. This is the first time since entering the modern Chinese to equal status will set foot on the world stage. However, because the East Japan in 1914 after the outbreak of World War I first declared war on Germany, do not hesitate to China landing in Shandong, the Germans where years of operation of the railway and mines all rights and interests will be included in the purse. What’s more, in order to "right", the Japanese government in early 1915 to Chinese government submitted a "Twenty-one", the government has confirmed that Shandong Chinese request rights in Japanese hands. Germany’s interests in Shandong, of course, should be returned to China, but after all, Japan is obtained through the war, China has no way too much. Japan’s "Twenty-one" China can do is try to minimize the damage, and all rights and interests of Shandong independent, are China government refused. "Twenty-one" when the first World War is still in full swing. If the Chinese announced to John de frank, announced to join Britain and France Russia led the allies to German led allied combat, China should have the opportunity to negotiate or by Japan in the country through the battle to resolve the Shandong issue. However, due to the internal Chinese this time into a very serious political disputes, not only civil political conflict, but also the government hospital dispute within the government". "The government hospital dispute is the focus of the war, to Chinese. If the Chinese lasting missed the best timing of war, the China missed the best chance to recover the rights and interests of Shandong. Trend until the first World War has been set, the end of China did not reach a consensus within the war, or political strongman Duan Qirui tried to push to the house and Senate respectively through to Germany in March 10, 1917 11, John. "Weekly review" published articles on the Shandong issue. Cleared the obstacle to the German diplomatic diffidation case. 15, Hubei governor Wang Zhanyuan Chinese according to government instructions sent police took over the Hankou German concession; 16, Tianjin police took over the German concessions in Tianjin. In addition to the interests of the Japanese were seized by Shandong, Germany’s interests in China have been recovered by the Chinese government. For John de is just the first step in the war on Chinese internal struggle. Zheng.相关的主题文章:

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