Liaoning 42 batches of children’s clothing on the black list Zara brand list (video)

Liaoning 42 batches of children’s clothing on the black list ZARA other brands on the list 22, announced the second quarter of 2016 in Liaoning province Industrial and Commercial Bureau quality sampling of children’s clothing Commodity Circulation in the province results ", ZARA, Jeni, century star, Jin Bei bear the brand such as sampling of substandard goods. The sampling test items mainly related to fiber content, pH value, formaldehyde content, biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, odor, color fastness to perspiration, resistance to dry friction fastness, rubbing fastness, color fastness, color fastness to saliva (soap), high washing fastness, light fastness, button sewing belt strength, joint performance, seam slippage allowable degree, pilling, commodity instructions (ID). The sampling of children’s clothing samples, a total of 42 groups found substandard goods. The main problem of substandard goods is the use of the product description (logo) is still not standardized. Substandard goods, instructions for use (identification) unqualified half percent, the use of mandatory standards stipulated by the state that the content should include the name and address of manufacturing, product name, product specifications, shapes or fiber composition and content, maintenance, security categories etc. The identification of many goods does not cover all of the content or the contents of the error. This reflects some enterprises do not pay attention to the instructions, at the same time there is a shoddy, confuse the concept of luck. Fiber content labeling problem is serious, misleading consumers. A total of 36 sets of substandard goods. Many of the cotton fabric for the identification of 100% test results are often only two or three. Labeling is not standardized mislead consumers to understand the real ingredients, so that consumers buy the products of high quality and low price, and is likely to cause unnecessary damage to the body, but also affect the use of clothing after washing and maintenance. Color fastness to endanger human health. Color fastness including moisture rubbing fastness, color fastness, acid perspiration fastness, alkali perspiration fastness. The color fastness of substandard goods in addition to the impact of aesthetics is more important in the use of easily lead to the transfer of goods to dye from human skin by sweat, friction, dye molecules and heavy metal ions are likely to be absorbed through the skin and health hazards, directly related to human health and safety. Substandard goods list Coca-Cola, have unified "black list" consumer tips 1, consumers should first consider to ensure that children wear comfortable and safe in the purchase of children’s clothing goods, simple design, fabric soft commodities as the preferred, it is best not to buy clothes on the rope, belt, buttons, more cumbersome design clothing, at the same time in front of the children wearing new clothes to check button attachment is firm, clothes on the rope and belt length is a potential threat to children, to ensure safety and wear. 2, in order to safety and health, it is recommended that the parents of the new purchase of children’s clothing products after washing and then wear. 3, given the dark fabric color fastness unqualified rate high and easy to fade, recommends that consumers will be light, natural fiber clothing as the preferred to buy. 4, please pay attention to the clothing on the express security alerts, distinguish between different ages of children’s clothing, on-demand purchase. 5 related information, consumers should check the clothing manufacturer’s name and address, certificate etc.,.相关的主题文章:

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