Kenji Wu is a forgetful wife Huang Xiaolei poetry loving old photos to reproduce (video) 9c8836

Kenji Wu is a "forgetful" wife Huang Xiaolei poetry loving old photo reproduction [Abstract] Chinese first file original comedy show "Star Cross competitive cross-border comedy king" will be held this Saturday evening 20:30 ushered in the third phase of the program. Huang Xiaolei partner Taiwan singer Kenji Wu, playing the grey-haired elderly. Kenji Wu Tencent Entertainment News China’s first file of the original Star Cross comedy comedy show cross-border comedy king will usher in the third phase of the program on Saturday evening 20:30. Last week Huang Xiaolei, Le Jia became the "mobile phone" syndrome sufferers in the hospital, after initiation of the audience sigh, Huang Xiaolei and partner Taiwan singer Kenji Wu, two people continue to be a continuation of last week’s relationship in patients, "geriatric rehabilitation center" write a love poem! Kenji Wu enjoyed the opening "Jiangnan leather factory" to "forget" wife every day to write programs, Kenji Wu played the old gold and three age groups were "elderly" Jiangnan F4, there is no shortage of youthful pale grey beard. The song "Jiangnan leather factory" song sounded, four dynamic open jump. However, far from the park seat elderly rehabilitation center "is an old lady, with a Sichuan accent shouted stop. Old gold homeopathy to sit on the chair, and the old lady began to chat. Bo fluttering like old gold singing funny, and tells his wife to write a story to listen to music. The classic "your eyes are a little big" has become the most hilarious verse of a few simple poems, but a loving couple from the old gold story, to wife lost, then to three different stages of the final world. The reaction of the audience from the comedy, to help read "poem", until slowly into the story, moved to tears. Kenji Wu’s first cross, it brought such a touching love story for us. At the end of the show, he also bluntly, this story is the reaction of his love, love is not only a young man’s game, it can be a lifetime, accompanied by life. Broker Huang Xiaolei is also very much agree, saying, do not abandon, do not give up." White Yuanyang loving old photos to reproduce the deep affection to copy from rolia as the heroine of the story was, Huang Xiaolei because of "dementia" forget your husband "old gold", and the old gold in the rehabilitation center with the years, repeated every day with the fluttering acquaintance, not to mind taking the trouble after her, although it may be the next second fluttering out of the old Kim as "old rogue" left him with a screen slap, the former two people loving old photos, Shen Congwen’s poems emerge, the story has been pushed to the climax of the outburst of emotion. When the background music "you write poems" in the ears, the two old man under the tree teeter deep. The station has many viewers shed tears, Huang Xiaolei is out of control. Finally floating up from the wheelchair, two people out of the stage, the audience’s applause has proved everything. The end of the show Huang Xiaolei also intimate blessing host Xiao Shenyang: Yang Bao, you must be happy oh!" Kenji Wu finally let Huang Xiaolei regain memory? Two people can be reconciled? This Saturday night 20:30 Beijing TV "cross-border comedy king" to see Kenji Wu and Huang Xiaolei’s love of nursing home". Zhou Jie said that not every version of my fair Princess comic let mammy相关的主题文章:

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