Is it really a Chinese style to reconstruct historical sites haywire

The reconstruction of historical monuments is really a stupid Chinese repair type [Abstract] the old buildings can save this piece of folklore and historical space, for the resurrection of traditional culture to keep the blood, as for the old house and the ancient city of one hundred percent is whether it, that relationship is not particularly large. Author: Wei Zhou (Tencent · columnist, graduated from the Department of Journalism and communication, Xiamen University) In the present China, what should do things, rarely not controversial. Of course, the ancient city of repair is more in the rehabilitation of the Ming Dynasty Taiyuan city project reported, apparently there are many people think that "rehabilitation" not to regard it as right, but is the historic relics, the purpose is not only to protect the heritage itself, and the development of tourism, commercial purposes. In addition, save the money to improve people’s livelihood, not better? These years, there are many domestic "and true antiques, repair of fake antiques". However, we should say "monuments can only repair has disappeared, monuments, impossible rehabilitation, rehabilitation can only use the name of the relics (see" ten years "even if the wood Epang palace complex how can repair more than Qin Shihuang" article), it is not. It is believed that the cultural relics and monuments are not touched and restored, and it seems to be respect, which actually means a sense of distance. See if the "false antique" angry, that to a certain extent, it is because the rehabilitation level is too bad, but most people are opposed to the rehabilitation and necessary repair, rather than the "restoration of rehabilitation of how such an academic problem, but" the city should not repair rehabilitation "such a political issue, that is to say, even if the recovery is good, he will not to regard it as right to" recover "itself, because as errors. Henan Ru’nan Hongji bridge, a bridge after more than 500 years old. Oriental IC for map "repair" (Restoration) and "rehabilitation" (rebuild) in the course of the concept is different, the former refers to the original on the basis of the "repair old as the old", the latter refers to the original has been basically does not exist under the conditions of the restoration. Some people think that the main opposition, the ancient city of Taiyuan restoration is an example; and more people indiscriminately oppose all these practices — this is understandable, because the country does have too many "destructive protection", to "fix" the name but to cause new damage to monuments. In practice, they are often not the impassable boundary: the second Century ad, Emperor Hadrian of Rome presided over the "repair" the Pantheon, as if it were still 150 years ago was built by the works, but from the modern point of view, he is a new form of "Reconstruction" of it. "Protected" monuments as the past remains untouched by modern consciousness, is a concept originated in the European Renaissance, which is closely with Western painting art in the perspective of law, subject and object two element relation ontology has a close relationship. Even so, this awareness will not be established until the end of nineteenth Century, and the city’s historic district or a group of buildings, as late as twentieth Century before the acquisition of historical relics. Prior to this, both at home and abroad, the history of the building can be retained, usually.相关的主题文章:

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