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Huangpi Liudian interchange was opened to traffic the   Wuhan will ease the north gate congestion – Hubei Channel – Wuhan 30 September, Wuhan North Gate blocking PA thoroughfare, Huangpi to travel the city people send a unique national day gift. Today morning, is located in Economic Development Zone panlongcheng Liu Dian overpass ground and landing ramp was built around the island. Wuhan mayor Wu Zuyun of Huangpi District, on-site inspection of construction safety and announced Liudian interchange opened up, as the builders representatives send greetings. It is understood that Liu shop interchange is an important node in the north gate of Wuhan, traffic congestion has restricted the rapid economic development of the northern region of Hankou. This region raised 700 million funds, to overcome the difficulties, which lasted four years of careful construction, completed the Liudian overpass ground around the island and landing ramp construction, marking the Liudian interchange project of traffic construction has been completed, will greatly improve the traffic congestion in Liudian area situation. Previously, an important part of Liudian interchange – Hankou North Avenue viaduct was opened to traffic between North Hankou panlongcheng, vehicles do not have to route through Dai Huang highway bypass. Liu shop a total of 3 layers, from east to West connecting Hankou North Avenue and dragon Avenue, from the ground of 9 meters, two-way Lane 6. The top of the Dai Huang highway elevated north-south layout, two-way 6 lane, late September last year officially opened. The bottom layer is the ground, each layer through 8 steering ramp and the 1 ground loop ramp connection, to achieve full interoperability. Liudian interchange reconstruction project construction by the end of 2012, closed June 2014 Dai Huang highway. After the completion of the transformation, Dai Huang highway will truly become a fast track Wuhan north gate, and break the traffic bottleneck in Hankou and North Hankou, Shekou, Hengdian Panlong City, the southern area of Huangpi. Wuhan north gate Huangpi location becomes increasingly obvious, greatly promoting the development of Huangpi’s economy. Highway construction has five vertical and horizontal five shooting three ring skeleton road network; subway construction in addition to the end of this year to open the subway airport line, as well as rail transit line 21, line eight. At the end of the upgrade of the Tianhe Airport is nearing completion, will be to achieve orbit transfer between airport line, intercity railway, Han Hyo Tianhe Airport passenger traffic, will greatly accelerate the Tianhe Airport comprehensive logistics park construction, the park is a comprehensive logistics park in international freight forwarding, bonded logistics, modern aviation logistics services in one country, the international connection and, North Hankou comprehensive logistics park to create advantages to serve the city’s radiation, the central region and the country’s integrated logistics park after increasing. After 5 years, Huangpi aviation manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy vehicles and other two industries, the investment of more than 1 billion industrial park will have 18, of which 62 square kilometers of the Airport Industrial Park core area, focusing on the development of general aviation, new materials, electronic information, high-end equipment, new energy vehicles, jewelry accessories etc. industry. The cumulative amount of financing of Huangpi tourism, real estate, commerce and other three industry amounted to 50 billion yuan, the investment of more than 1 billion Park 26. (Xu Wenting) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章:

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