Guy even a month full 9 days classes only for father’s birthday

Guy even a month full 9 days classes only for father’s birthday the 90 security asked Duan Xiaoping, according to colleagues, he for the tour back home is not easy, so for a month of classes, for 5 days and 4 days off, please leave, have the 9 day holiday. Yesterday morning at 10, Hangzhou Sunshine Coast District, the king of order maintenance department with us to the ground floor of the Property Office of the three floor. Wang said, because the guards of the bedroom until December to do so, temporarily in the property office to get a room for the bedroom. Wang opened one of the rooms, a large bay, both sides lined up 9 laid low, Xiaoping in the inside of the bed. He just got up, the quilt has been folded, washing his put a guitar and a laptop. Before long, Xiaoping came out and touched his head, a bit shy. Duan Xiaoping is 22 years old, in March of this year to the sunshine coast area to do security, because it is the first time to do security, not what experience, Wang let him mainly responsible for warehouse management, sometimes to replace west gate gate. 19 years after graduating from secondary school, he worked as a member of the hotel food, real estate intermediary, have been to Shanghai, Chengdu travel, later in Hangzhou settled. Working outside, Xiaoping said he was very homesick, two or three days to call home, chat with my parents too much, generally with mother talk recently the situation at home, what life, father love fishing with father call basically talked recently caught many fish. Think of the 1th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar (October 31st) is the father’s birthday, Xiaoping was planning a trip back home, but the security work is generally difficult to have a long holiday, so he one month in advance with Wang Hello, considering Xiaoping from over the years it has never returned, Wang agreed to his October continued for a month the class, till the end of the month to save 5 days off together, plus 4 days leave, scrape together a total of 9 days of holiday. For this not easily won holiday, Xiaoping bought in advance of the October 28th D2262 train from Hangzhou to the East, east of Chengdu, the two seat fare is 589 yuan. He said that usually not in a hurry, reluctant to take the car, the general will sit K529 or K351, although from Hangzhou to Chengdu to sit for nearly 35 hours, but only half the price of the car less than. Before returning home, he went to the subway station near the supermarket, bought 5 boxes of lotus root starch, spent more than and 100 dollars, little shopping, do not know what to buy, remembering cousin with lotus root starch home, parents are very love, he also bought some lotus root starch. 8:41 on the morning of October 28th, he sat in the train station to Chengdu East Train D2262 to Chengdu train station is 23:08, he found a small hotel in the vicinity of sleep. Get up at 7:30 the morning of October 29th, Xiaoping from the Chengdu train station by bus, the bus, to turn the dragon town of Jintang county. After getting off, prior to the appointment of a good father riding a motorcycle, has been in the intersection, the motorcycle on the road around the corner after another, and finally at noon to eat at home. Mother prepared a table of dishes, usually at home to eat the fish caught by my father, the mother of the day"相关的主题文章:

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