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Guo Degang received Taiwan disciples OD can catch up with Peng Peng? OD August 31st Deyunshe troupe apprentice Guo Degang, Guo Degang [micro-blog] micro-blog top one: "the Qing Qing, the flooding. The so-called clean-up portal, is to give a good account of the people. Where the sun does, rivers to Zhong is the tailor. May you stay away under the face of brilliant prospects. From the arena of distance, not goodbye." And the appendix, "Deyunshe Genealogy" map, one of the most shocking one is "another two people had Yongyun word names, bully destroy fathers rebellious human relations, difficult to sell every renegade division Qiurong, meaning: if evil ruthless like this, have no sense of shame for the police heinous, imitate, regain by his name." Obviously, this is Deyunshe in cleaning up the portal. In August 30th, the "wire Festival" concert, Taiwan artist OD [micro-blog] (Ouyang Hansheng) also joined the Deyunshe, become a disciple of Guo Degang. Earlier, Guo Degang recorded in "in the mood" for men, OD received as a disciple, that he would like to use two or three years to build it in OD, crosstalk red like Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog]. This news, triggering controversy. A lot of people think of OD as a Taiwanese, how to reach the height of the, the two is the Taiwanese people should say how comic dialogue. More than two news, can be combined with the look, just in the positive and negative direction of the two. The first is to clean up the portal, as the traditional comic art, with its heritage and orderly norm, Deyunshe ten first class impressively is "no qishimiezu," explains Deyunshe guarded rules. "Every year difficult", perhaps in panic, failed to clean the doors in the first time, now Deyunshe a large fortune, in the comic industry commercial speech and public opinion leading industry for a long time, a free hand to Su Jing "thieves", is also reasonable. Ten years ago, Guo Degang led Deyunshe to make people realize the ambition in Beijing satellite TV "starry night story show" program, the parties are benefited. Suddenly, Guo Degang went back inside and outside the door, have to cross talk, Deyunshe disciples there out of doors and walls, or with the evil sound. The peak of Guo Degang and Yu Qian [micro-blog], struggling to support, first training, Yue Yunpeng acts more and more towards the sun, mountain disciple Yue Yunda return, Guo Qilin bloom [micro-blog] apprentice Yu Qian bar, All sufferings have their reward. enjoyable. (China Deyunshe comic assembly) twenty anniversary of the coronation of Yue Yunpeng "happy comedy" title. Small Yue Yuecai contact in a comic, all that the qualification of the dull, but hard work pays off, the opportunity is always given to those who are prepared, in the interpretation of numerous chicken soup, the audience again for Guo Degang’s skill, Deyunshe impressed by the atmosphere. As for the "Port Au disciple OD, can truly be like Yue Yunpeng, in fact is more personal and historical nature, as long as he can speak to comic industry recognition, even if the initial program is" content ", is harmless. As for some people think that Taiwanese people say that the crosstalk is strange, in fact, is a small prejudice. At the end of 1940s, with the "Kangle military corps" (Art) to retreat to Taiwan Wu Zhaonan and Wei Longhao, even if no contacts, but with Beijing’s local memory, and by fantasy)相关的主题文章:

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