Guangzhou mid-term exam reform program or the end of the three year transition period (video)

Guangzhou entrance examination reform program or the end of the transition period of three years, the Ministry of Education held a high school enrollment system reform news briefing, announced the details of the reform of the examination enrollment system reform. According to a senior high school to further promote the reform of the examination enrollment system of the Ministry of Education issued guidance on the "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "), after graduating from junior high school and senior high school entrance examination will be two test one, and encourage qualified pilot areas to give students choose certain admission subjects scoring opportunities the implementation of" grade ", presented to the score. Comprehensive reform pilot from 2017 after the beginning of the first year of junior high school students. In other words, the junior high school students are not affected. Guangzhou Education Department said it would deploy in accordance with superiors, and actively promote the development of programs. The industry sources, the latest release by the end of the program. According to the "scores" and "mechanical memory" and "unreasonable points of the project" high school entrance examination system of outstanding problems, the Ministry of Education issued 20 "guidance" on further promoting senior high school exam enrollment system reform pilot area clear, in the implementation of junior high school proficiency test, and improve students’ comprehensive evaluation the quality of the reform of admissions measures, to further improve the independent recruitment policy and strengthen the examination and enrollment management. Encourage qualified areas to "grade" problems "opinions" clear, around 2020 the initial formation of the junior high school proficiency test scores, combined with the comprehensive quality evaluation of senior high school admission examination mode based on. The Ministry of education, two basic education secretary Zheng Fuzhi said: "the high school not only academic performance, but also the students’ Ideological and moral, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment and social practice and other aspects of the situation, comprehensive test, comprehensive evaluation, promoting students’ all-round development and healthy growth." In the content of the examination, the emphasis on reducing the content of pure memory, mechanical training, focusing on the ability of students to analyze and solve problems, enhance students’ innovative spirit and ability." Zheng Fuzhi said. Results in the expression, the "opinions" requirements can be used to rank scores, and other forms of presentation, reiterated the conditional area to encourage "grade" presentation requirements, prevent students from the point of contention, excessive competition. The main content of the comprehensive reform of the optional scoring subjects in the pilot areas also includes the construction of the admission scoring subjects, the individual differences and the evaluation of comprehensive quality. Language, mathematics, foreign language as a basic subject, with basic and instrumental, unified admission score as the subjects; at the same time, according to the principle of moderate burden, and simultaneously, the other into the admission score subjects determined by the pilot areas, to prevent the mass and increase the burden of students, partial. In addition, it is also necessary to enter the sports subjects into the admission scoring subjects, scientifically determine the score or grade requirements, to guide students to strengthen physical exercise. "Opinions" also proposed pilot areas with conditions, in the premise of junior high school proficiency exam qualified all subjects, can also give students choose certain admission subjects scoring opportunities, giving play to the discipline advantage, promote the development of students interests. That is to say, you can choose in addition to language, and other body "admission score of subjects, but not only the selection of price相关的主题文章:

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