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GREE group sudden change in the number of leaders to Dong Mingzhu turn GREE inflection point? Sohu News – new energy vehicles in the critical period of transformation, GREE group sudden change for a number of leading outside speculation. November 11th came news, Zhuhai SASAC issued on the removal of Comrade Dong Mingzhu notice (hereinafter referred to as the notice). "Notice" shows that Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Zhuhai GREE Group Co., Ltd., director, legal representative has been officially removed from office. GREE group and Zhuhai SASAC has responded that Dong Mingzhu was dismissed as a normal personnel changes. But the industry has a variety of rumors. Some analysts have said that the removal of Dong Mingzhu GREE group, is the general layout of the board of directors of GREE in 2018 in advance, trying to gradually go to the "Dong Mingzhu" to support the new leader. Although still in control of GREE’s core subsidiary of GREE electric appliances, but when the GREE critical period of transition, the future cross-border and reengineering GREE repairer billion plan can be implemented smoothly in the new leadership under the leadership also can make nothing of it. Obviously, the Dong Mingzhu era of GREE group with a distinct market color, the new leadership will probably have a more strong administrative color, belonging to the inflection point quietly approaching GREE. The late Dong Mingzhu era farewell GREE spoilers ahead played the overture. In October 18th, the Zhuhai municipal SASAC issued a "notice concerning the removal of Comrade Dong Mingzhu, announced the dismissal of Dong Mingzhu Zhuhai GREE Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the" GREE group ") chairman and managing director, legal representative. However, the news until November 11th by the official media exposed. Zhuhai SASAC official explained that, in accordance with the provisions of the chairman of the state listed companies and the group is generally not concurrently, "now SASAC slowly straighten out the relationship, is a normal personnel adjustment, business to GREE appliances will not affect". GREE electric market minister Chen Zili reply to Beijing Daily reporter also said, "Dong Zong (Dong Mingzhu) of the relevant provisions of the state and I will resign based on GREE Group Chairman, still continue to serve as GREE’s chairman and President, focus on promoting the development of GREE electric appliances". GREE group is the Zhuhai SASAC holding 100% enterprises, GREE group owns the GREE real estate Limited by Share Ltd, Zhuhai GREE Real Estate Co. Ltd. and Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "GREE") and other enterprises, including GREE, GREE Electronics Group holding 18.22% of the shares, GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu, director, legal representative office is no, Dong Mingzhu means that the GREE era ended. From the current point of view, the reform of state-owned enterprises to become the main reason for Dong Mingzhu’s position was avoided. Beijing Daily reporter learned that, in November 2015, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial organization department, the provincial supervision department, the SASAC jointly issued "on promoting the state-owned enterprise leaders honest practitioners notice" to prohibit illegal part-time, make a comprehensive specification, the problem of part-time leading personnel of state-owned enterprises, the provisions of Article 1, the leading personnel of state-owned enterprises is prohibited without the approval of the enterprise to the invested enterprises or other enterprises and institutions, social organizations, intermediary organizations "相关的主题文章:

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