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God may not update status game Lin Paul Hu Xia gave for the first time to recommend TA Video: on the game operation between Chen and Lin update every ten Jay Chou by the Tencent and play interactive entertainment to create a joint national game show "against war" in the second quarter 12:00 this Sunday in Iqiyi officially launched. "God" to update the game "Lin Indoorsman goddess" SNH48 Mo cold heat incoming, ugly, with good hi skin; "musical genius", "Hu Xia Li Boer," the old driver "expression emperor Yang Di," gaming girl "Yuri Huang group" May Day Group "strong debut, love to kill stunned eat more melon masses; Hu Xia" bird "Lin update charming no enemy…… action coexist, screaming" love "is flying, minutes to set off your bursting point! Yiyanbuge drove Hu Xia, the "first time" was dedicated to the two men and a woman after nearly half a year’s time and again, adjustment, adhering to the first season of "really Siao, competitive, high energy, pseudo inverse integrity" of purpose, a large-scale national game show "war" against the second season in October 30th will also be Iqiyi officially unveiled at 12:00. Based on the original variety + Mobile Games on the "war" against the second quarter only new into the current best friends welcome way – live interactive entertainment, and netizens recognized fun computer games also moved on the variety stage. 360 minutes with a comprehensive upgrade, you play Mobile Games + online rhythm. In addition to a new look in the game and the game on the part, not to war, the second quarter presided over the team also made adjustments on the basis of the original. Not only the drive from the first quarter of the second quarter drive directly to the old driver Li Bo to Zuozhen, and "musical genius", "Hu Xia Yang Di," expression emperor "gaming girl" Yuri Huang joined the old driver + driver with a strong attack, loaded to force you fly with you! Recognized as thousands of fans sister’s "musical genius", the first time to host rather than a singer to join the "war" against the second season, Hu Xia is ready to sacrifice. Not only Li Boer, Yang Di, Yuri Huang and the three presenters you come to me, without us, with considerable understanding, let the fans see a funny conversion free love beans than with serious; but also the verse frequent, face ridicule Li Bo, Yang Di "Hu Xia for the first time so devoted to two man and a woman", "my first response was too busy?" It is the force of ten, let the audience have to address him: "you are such a Hu Xia." "A great calamity is at hand. fly", Lin update Hu Xia zhanyouqing ran more than a "first" to "host against to war" in season second, another one of Hu Xia’s "first" is also dedicated to the "war" against the second season, which eat bread worm. But privately, often teamed up with the "king of glory" "comrades" hand feed the forest update. Comrade in arms, should have been particularly cordial. But Lin update and Hu Xia style conversion too fast like a tornado. A second ago, Hu Xia also made close against the woman like Lin update shoulders, talk about interesting privately. The next second, the face is about to usher in相关的主题文章:

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