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Frozen property market! Nanjing National Day sales hit a new low of 5 years – Real Estate – People’s original title: the property market freeze! Nanjing National Day sales hit a 5 year low drawing Ming Shen purchase, "Ning thirteen, credit limit, Nanjing from September 25th to October 5th with the regulation of a combination of boxing, extinguished the market frenzy. At 6:30 yesterday evening, the national day 7 day subscription only 1307 new homes, over the same period last year cut, and hit a new low in the past 5 years. Encounter frozen property market, the next will be how to go? Many developers believe that before the cover plate developers will pay the price for their decision, is expected to gradually increase the amount listed. September 30th to the night of October 6th, the national 19 cities have issued a new property market regulation policy. Analysis of the industry, this is the beginning of a new round of regulatory tightening, the stock market is expected to control the tide or will continue, silver ten turnover or decline. "It is expected that there will be more cities to upgrade the property market regulation policy, the property market policy inflection point has emerged." 7 days the amount of selling the lowest in 5 years in Nanjing in September 25th after the introduction of the restriction order, there are some real estate assault false start, which led to the end of 9 the market subscription volume dramatically enlarged. Online real estate shows that in October 1st the subscription amount is still as high as 498 units, but then began to decline significantly. October 5th evening, Nanjing introduced the history of the most stringent two suites down payment of not less than 8 of the credit limit policy, the results of the subscription volume in October 6th was only a set of rare single day subscription in recent years, the amount of 29. Yesterday evening to 6:30, the subscription amount is only 32 sets. This calculates the entire national day period, Nanjing new home subscription volume of only 1307 sets (as of last night 6:30). During the same period last year, Nanjing houses subscription amount is 2850, compared with the market subscription amount during the National Day this year has been cut. At the same time, more than 1 thousand and 300 sets of subscription in recent years during the national day, is also very low. 2011 after the implementation of the purchase, the market has been relatively low, only more than and 700 new homes during the National Day subscription. But from the beginning of 2012 the property market recovery, the market has been more active. This year’s National Day is 2011, the same period in 5 years, the lowest amount of real estate. The reason people buy frozen property market sentiment is getting stronger, cannot do without the strength of the new regulation. Modern Express reporter learned that in September 25th the introduction of the purchase order, has blocked a large number of investment passengers, while the credit limit policy in October 5th, resulting in more people can not buy a house at a time. On the one hand is not qualified buyers, on the other hand, the introduction of the new deal also led to strong buying sentiment is getting stronger, double factors superimposed caused the property market crash data subscription. In addition to being blocked by the new deal in the property market, a lot of real estate initiative is not strong is also an important reason. Before the late September market regulation storm, West Central, southern Hexi, Jiangbei, NanJing South Railway Station area etc. many projects are obviously in a disc, although these projects have accumulated a large group of people to buy a house, but developers are not at the end of September to early October for the opening of the plan, but hope that next year the price to sell. New deal out相关的主题文章:

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