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Exclusive analysis: why "shoes" this season to achieve the ultimate Phoenix sports commentator Fang Zhengyu news background: on the evening of the 2 CBA League is a pair of shoes shuabing. Yi Jianlian exit storm touched everyone’s nerves. Finally, Yi Jianlian in the locker room after a period of adjustment, the technical representative eventually agreed to return to his shoes can be worn back to Yi Jianlian. From Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin Tucao shoes new regulations, and then apply specifically to compete before returning to the competing products, shoes suddenly became the most eye-catching topic in CBA. Around this topic, many players have to defend themselves from the point of view of injury prevention, health protection. But after all, the situation is really not so complicated. Even as some netizens joked, why don’t you try to protect Lining when Yi Jianlian is injured in Nike? Fundamentally, a variety of arguments with the technical level of the shoe itself or the degree of protection is almost nothing, nothing more than a player on the foot carrying a number of sports brands in the business competition. Familiar with CBA fans should remember, around the "competitive" controversy has existed for many years, especially after Lining in 2012 and the association signed 5 year 2 billion yuan CBA sponsorship contract, the conflict of commercial interests has become even more fierce. For example, in the 2012-2013 season after the first round, because in the game did not provide the required wearing Lining shoes, Marbury, Wang Zhizhi and other 12 players by the Basketball Association criticized, and a fine of 20 thousand yuan per person. But during that time, the contradictions still exist and buffer coordinated space, which is part of the big players can pay each year hundreds of thousands of yuan fee and get to wear their shoes in the brand sponsors in the League right. Yet this before the start of the season, CBA announced the implementation of the most stringent restrictions, all in CBA of domestic players must wear Lining basketball shoes, did not leave any room for accommodation, which led to the conflict in the most striking way are exposed. So why is the conflict reaching its peak this season? There are two reasons for this. First, and Lining became the official sponsor of CBA corresponds, Nike is a sponsor of the Chinese men’s basketball. In recent years, the international competition, China basketball player is compelled to wear Nike shoes on stage, even if the person is originally other sports brand spokesperson, also as before that there are alternative space. So Lining’s tough stance in the CBA League today, I am afraid of tit for tat means; two is the price of Lining and CBA in 2012 signed a sponsorship contract will expire at the end of the season, the two sides are facing and how to renew the contract if. Standing in Lining’s point of view, whether the shoes on the issue of a significant exclusivity, will affect the renewal or not and the amount of discretion. In basketball, if you want to keep Lining such big sponsors, or to attract other potential sponsors, it must be put on a "defend the interests of the sponsors" attitude. It is under the combined effect of the above factors, resulting in the season’s shoes became so fierce dispute. In this field)相关的主题文章:

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