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Do not take the unusual way? The United States entered the Trump era, the 5 guess original title: do not take the unusual way? The United States into the Trump era, the 5 conjecture in November (Xinhua, Li Xiajun,) local time on the 9 day, the U.S. election results in the dust settled in 10. Trump, a Republican candidate with no political experience, was elected as the new president of the United States by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Clinton, who had been elected all the way before the election. Why does Trump realize "contrarian comeback on polling day? Into the Trump era of the United States, will usher in what changes? I guess: "invisible supporters" to help Trump contrarian comeback? During the campaign Hilary poll rate has been way ahead, on polling day to more than 70 votes to Trump. Why did the election poll so unreliable? Experts pointed out that behind the invisible supporters of Trump can not afford. Hilary, a professor at, believes that the support of the elite is different from the support of the majority of the group, the majority of low-income groups in the middle of the year, said Li Haidong, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University. This class of interest for a long time in the United States is ignored, especially the rural voters, long-term feeling of being the so-called "mainstream society" abandoned, voice is suppressed, the mainstream of social choice to say "no" to express their grievances. Although Obama called for 8 years to change the slogan, Hilary also called on the United States to become more powerful, but from this year’s election results, people no longer believe in the promise of the elite. These weekdays are not actively involved in or concerned about the majority of polls silent majority, but actively participate in the voting, the final Trump sent to the white house. Data figure guess two: the future of the United States will be the parties to bridge the differences? After plotting, scandal, mutual Jieduan, the United States presidential election, the polarization of American values and beliefs for parties arising from the Division has become the biggest factor. Even Kerrey, the Secretary of state, called the election "an American image"". In the 9 victory speech, Trump tried to appease the voters, the next will be committed to bridging social differences, emphasizing unity, to create the most powerful economy. President Obama on the social networking site to share the video, to the voters to convey the "sun also rises," the message, and hope that voters will be better able to treat people with different parties. American media generally believe that after the next election scandals, Trump now needs most with rival supporters of the dialogue, to appease those extreme or insulting remarks hurt the Mexico American, African American and female voters. On the other hand, a lot of Hilary supporters do not respect the supporters of Trump, this situation also needs to change, the same need to emphasize the voters of the United States, Hilary". Local time on November 9th, New York, Manhattan, Trump appeared after the general election campaign night rally, delivered a victory speech. Conjecture three: trade protection, immigration and religious issues, Trump will not come true? During the election, Trump on immigration, religion and other issues on a tough stance, and repeatedly advocated trade protection and other speech also let the outside world worried that the government will not take Jun Trump相关的主题文章:

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