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in Shunyi since the beginning of this year, Beijing second-hand housing transactions, buying and selling a "serial" more and more cases, then, in buying and selling in a series of transactions. The buyer should pay attention to what the problem? What are the potential risks? What is a "chain of rings"? The so-called single chain, mainly refers to the owner to sell the existing house to buy new houses, trading behavior happened at the same time, also in the sell and buy, is to buy a house in B A, B sold his house to buy a house in C, called single chain. This is called the two chain, usually the chain ratio is between three to four, such a chain can even involve more than four buyers. At present, the six become super single chain from the Institute of the chain of family data show that now the whole Beijing trading structure, buying and selling a series of exchange ratio has exceeded sixty-five percent, the highest reached a level close to seventy percent. In such a ring in the ring of the transaction, a link is not smooth may cause problems or failure of the transaction, the cost of housing has also changed. In the case of "mentally and physically exhausted" serial "single Wang mentally and physically exhausted" to describe the single chain in March this year. In late February of this year, Ms. Wang will be located in the southern city of 5 years of dissatisfaction with the property listed on the Internet ready to sell, at the same time, she began in Chaoyang District to find suitable housing, ready to sell one to buy one. Soon, at the beginning of the March, Nancheng housing has a lot of people to quickly determine the final showings, buyers. A few days later, Ms. Wang also took a fancy to a second-hand housing in Chaoyang District. In order to avoid the problem does not affect the purchase qualifications, taxes and fees, and the owner after the agreement, Ms. Wang promised in mid April paid 700 thousand yuan as a down payment to the owner (owner is also buying and selling a series of single), the owner can promise after Ms. Wang Nancheng of housing households of the property the sale procedures. However, due to the fact that the sale of the southern city of Ms. Wang did not specify the time to pay down payment, in accordance with the contract, the buyer can only be paid before the transfer. Although Ms. Wang has repeatedly urged the buyers as soon as possible payment, but buyers are in the contract until the end of May, the day before the transfer, it will be more than 80 of the Shoufu hit Ms. Wang’s account. Before that, in order to pay 700 thousand yuan Shoufu, Ms. Wang and even try to high interest loans. "The whole process is very complicated because of trouble, buy and sell too close, intermediary also once considered the transaction can not be," Ms. Wang told reporters, and later still stumbled over, "will try to avoid this single chain, too much trouble. If you really have to go through it again, about the time of payment, the time of payment and so on, these details must be written clearly in the contract, as far as possible to avoid some disputes and trouble." > > single note serial operation is complex, requires a good grasp of the middle of each ring, according to incomplete statistics, currently on the market of the single chain is facing the following three problems: first, risk and purchase qualifications. If buyers buy sell, own)相关的主题文章:

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