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Comment: and "run"? Please don’t consume Haruki Murakami! Bob, American folk artist Dylan?. (map) Beijing, Beijing in October 14, Sweden (Shangguan) 13 pm local time in Stockholm 1, the Nobel prize for literature in 2016 announced, American folk artist Bob Dylan won the award?. Before the Gambling company odds standings ranked in the forefront of the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami once again and missed, causing a sigh "no price list" sound, like "Haruki Murakami RANS" also appeared in media reports. Bai Ye, a famous critic, said that these odds list in a sense with the nature of the game, some of the Gambling company as a consumer of the hype of the. Haruki Murakami, a modern Japanese novelist, was born in kyoto. He began writing at the age of 29, the first works to obtain images of Japan "hear the wind sing" rookie of the year award, 1987 fifth novel "Norway forest" listed to 2010 selling ten million copies in Japan, domestic simplified Chinese version to 7 million 860 thousand total sales in 2004, caused by the "Haruki phenomenon", popular. Such a writer, in the eyes of many people, have the strength to get the Nobel prize for literature. In fact, every year after the Gambling company out of the odds list, he is popular. At the same time, the reports about the Nobel prize for literature in recent years, from the 2013 award winning writer Alice? Monroe in 2015 with Nobel prize winner Alexeyevich Haruki Murakami, both can eventually win, is a considerable focus. Data figure: after the 2013 Nobel prize for literature was announced, the Canadian writer (Alice Munro) won the honor of the. Although the odds list of selected writers and the final winner does annual Nobel prize in literature has a certain convergence, but the white Ye believes that the Gambling company list still has a certain nature of the game, and cannot be taken seriously, so a lot of time there will be a "upset" phenomenon. "Nobel prize for literature selection process is very strict. First select a list of 20 people, and then select from the 5 people, the final selection of the final winners." Bai Ye said that since the Nobel literature award are more on the pure literature, but also pay attention to discover some of the characteristics of the "popular writer", and Haruki Murakami is such a well-known and popular, in which does not have the advantage. And so it is. Haruki Murakami boarded the annual price list had front row, and every year the Nobel missed. But to some extent, because of Haruki Murakami, a well-known writer in the world, this list is particularly concerned by the domestic media. Data figure: Alexeyevich was born in 1948, graduated from the Department of Journalism at the University of Minsk. She used the interview with the parties to write documentary literature, recorded the two world wars and other major events in human history. Gambling company to hype Haruki Murakami is one thing, is not really in the Nobel Prize is a strong contender is another matter." Bai Ye believes that if from the perspective of mass media, Haruki Murakami相关的主题文章:

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