Chinese relation Guansen Sheng mouth overflowing acting acclaimed (video)

"Chinese relation" Guansen Sheng mouth overflowing acting from China type _36 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "China relation" Tencent entertainment news recently, starring Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Sheng Guansen’s humorous comedy "Chinese type relationship" in the broadcast ratings have been high, double TV ratings were ranked in the top three. The play is directed by Shen Yan following the "China divorce" after a lapse of 11 years to launch second Chinese style series, with humorous story, watch the sea officialdom phenomena, modern human society’s attitudes reaction. In addition to the play revolves around the main plot of apartments for the elderly, by Jin Doudou (Sheng Guansen) and Huo Yaoyao (Yiyun leaf ornaments), Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments) the emotional entanglements are deeply touched the hearts of the audience. The play, Guansen played Sheng Doo Doo "upstart" was born, as a rich two generations, Jin Dou Dou not cause at play, one care in forceful personality of Yuri Huang Huo, interpretation of love brain power. To sweetheart together, Jin Dou Dou Sunzhao 100, bar intercept, scene design studios, under the cover, pretending to pengci, not only did not capture the Huo Yuri Huang’s heart, but full of humor amusing. However, he is not really "duplicitous among". He love Huo Yuri Huang not fancy her appearance but love her valiant heart, although have neither learning nor skill but kind-hearted filial piety, breaking the traditional sense of "derogatory label two rich generation" is a word. Sheng Guansen with superb acting, playing in between depicts a two and at the same time, filial piety good foppish image, become a mirror reflects the part of young people’s love view and values, has been widely acclaimed by the audience. Sheng Guansen is a new generation of mainland actor, who starred in the home of children in the keyboard corner known. It is reported that he starred in the "Pearl" shooting shark has been fixing, Beijing is currently filming "non normal events". Actor Zhong Kun Sheng Guansen played in the play, this is his first attempt to detective theme works. At the same time, he starred in the TV drama "long live" Mrs. being hit, please pay attention.相关的主题文章:

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