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"Chinese Bridge" to promote cultural fusion culture TV program leader – Entertainment Sohu   " Chinese Bridge " promote cultural fusion in 15 years, Sohu entertainment news "in more than and 100 countries, more than 30 overseas students, more than 1000 finalists, involved in the assessment of the ability of Chinese language in the world, and to promote Sinology heat off" this is the domestic cultural TV program — "Chinese Bridge Competition Chinese college students" (hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese Bridge") in the dissemination of mainstream values, promote cultural integration are constantly making attempts. When the contents of intercultural exchange and TV media platform combination, promote the communication between different cultures role should not be underestimated. "Chinese Bridge" with joy, fashion, young lens language worldwide let young people understand the rich moist China culture, let China culture to better inheritance and spread, so that the project has become a national university students learning Chinese, an important platform to understand China, in China and the world youth build up a mutual transfer of learning, a bridge of friendship. This year marks the 15 anniversary of the "Chinese Bridge" was founded, the program at the beginning of the heart unchanged, the continuation of the previous contest of Chinese high-quality goods, to strengthen the integration of most powerful innovation team behind, again showing the colorful art of elegance, bring about a "wonderful MAX" feast for young people around the world, once broadcast programs, harvest the community alike, the evening of October 9th UPS is causing the audience praise. The interaction force MAX: from "a foreigner than Chinese" promotion to foreign players on the same stage PK "since 2002 founded the" Chinese Bridge ", the youth of the world to motivate students’ learning enthusiasm, enhance the understanding of the China Chinese language and Chinese culture, the main content is to show the original program Show Chinese mainly for International College Students Chinese, speech and talent show, quiz is the main part of foreigners in the arena demonstrating individual Chinese potential, then select a number of awards. With the game and gradually carry out, founder and program production in the schedule design also began a bold innovation and try to make the concept from the original "to instill players of Chinese language and culture" to "allow the player to watch, listen to the person personally, or even directly into the ordinary Chinese people’s life, such as the 2014" "Chinese Bridge" simply abandon the studio, directly to the players to go outdoors, real feelings Chinese spirit. This year, the "Chinese Bridge" based on regression studio, introduced the concept of PK and There was no parallel in history., let China anchor group and foreign players on the same stage competition Chinese knowledge, to the audience left a deep impression. From the broadcast effect, anchor group art sense is very strong, the foreign players against distinct personality, not only reflects the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures, to show rich and colorful, but also ensure the program ratings. At the same time, elaborate choreography packaging, interesting design, outdoor life experience, is still one of the highlights of this year "Chinese Bridge", as the program group pointed out: "strive to create a pure, intense and entertaining cultural competition program." Idol power MAX: from "learning.相关的主题文章:

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