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"Bob" exposure story trailer Joe Shan Group robber union gold Sohu made Qiumeng entertainment "Xiao Ming and his buddy" playground version theme poster Joe fir wall entertainment Sohu directed by Wang Xin, Joe fir, Xu Juncong starred in the comedy comedy film "Xiao Ming and his buddy" recently exposed story trailer. In order to Joe fir and "sea column brother" Xu Juncong group robber Union as the main line, there has been a series of humorous comedy, namely full of funny lines. In the program, for decompression; and once in the pilot notice appeared in the "golden director" Cui Chengguo did not appear in this version of the story trailer. In addition, notice and there is also a "amusement park" poster exposure, a bearded adult starring have uniform temptation to wear clothes, Colonel amusement park.     Joe fir infinite sea robber debut humor column becomes the amazing brother sexy goddess "Xiaoming and his buddy" exposure story trailer, composed by Joe fir and sea brother Xu Juncong’s column "robber Union as the main line, reveals a bright for the money and hidden mystery bizarre funny theft brigade. Joe Shan and Xu Juncong plays different character of two individuals, because the opportunity coincidence forced to the same group a team of rogue alliance, sneaked into the rich at home to steal the safe premeditated thing, but the way they have full namely repeatedly succeeded, triggered a series of hilarious stories. The exposure of the trailer company, "sea column brother Xu Juncong to break the boundaries of sexy girl just turned out the lock step" hot eyes "of the plot, the lines are very strong overall sense of humor. The amusement park for the first time poster exposure Joe fir uniform temptation smile back childhood and story notice at the same time exposure and a "amusement park" version of the poster, posters, Joe fir, "sea column brother Xu Juncong and several other starring pupils have to wear uniforms, although there are unshaven, but a face of innocence molimen. The poster to "rejuvenate" in contrast to a adorable design, is the embodiment of the humorous comedy "Xiao Ming" is a metaphor for "two core, one laugh makes people ten years younger". The film "Xiao Ming and his buddy" October 28th national release.相关的主题文章:

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