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Beijing Zhengdao launched special auction of contemporary jade "oneseed" is a term now often heard on the market, but there are more and more game player started to love oneseed, if it is a single seed, the price will be improved. The so-called "oneseed" refers to the uncut jade shape decomposition, remain largely intact and Hetian jade seed material, the opposite is called scrap. "Oneseed jade", is a piece of Hetian seed material like nature itself directly carving, retains the basic seed jade stone natural shape, only to its defective parts processing to dig dirty punishment, designed according to the natural form of stone carving. The unique carving of a single seed is very unique, because there are no two identical seeds in nature. But the uniqueness is scarce, the collection is essential, but also directly affects the price of jade oneseed. Can keep the original seed carving carving, also shows that there is no big problem in what jade material, if the fault, it can not form the basic "oneseed" style. In other words, oneseed carved pieces from one hand to prove a relatively perfect seed material, namely its original ecological beauty. Hetian jade oneseed carved pieces, whether it is playing or Xinshou personal wear, very comfortable, whether it is the aesthetic point of view too wonderful for words; from the aesthetic point of view the original ecological or human, which is a masterpiece of harmony between man and nature. Therefore, people pay more attention to it, and its price will be more expensive. Only a single piece of carved seeds to retain the original ecological beauty of the seeds of jade, but also into the humanities, so the concept of a single seed has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The unique characteristics of the unique pieces of the seed and the clever combination of heaven and man, but also to let the jade friends who relish. So whether it is from the point of view of the original ecological aesthetic, or collection of scarce point of view, single seed carved pieces should be the focus of attention. Fifth "character — contemporary jade Pierre auction", Beijing auction auction way in the selection, attaches great importance to the auction of the material, this made many oneseed jade works, most of these works retained the characteristics of the single seed, three or more natural pores, leaving skin, and with a natural skin color and size. Suitable, especially suitable for everyday wear. Wu Jinxing Hetian jade seed material night Fenghou Pendant 4.3× 2.8× 1.6cm 26.4g; this is only a jade Hetian seed material, red skin and white flesh, delicate texture, shape plump. The project uses the jade material features ingenious idea of the theme of a Fenghou, using red color Qiao relief swaying in the autumn maple leaf, fine incised lines outline roof corrugated, depict a clear character, but the treatment is also a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, the monkey is lifelike, back to taste. Wang Jinzhong Hetian jade seed material Butterfly Pendant 3.8× 2.4× 1.1cm 16.3g from its shape, this work should be composed of Hetian jade carving oneseed, brown jade skin natural and bright, and the pretty color carvings for two dancing butterflies, butterfly incised lines makes both realism and dynamic. As China’s jade carving master Wang Jinzhong, especially good at the creation of flowers and birds theme, this body 6相关的主题文章:

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