Beijing home building materials market saturation stores covering a second tier cities stand by me shinee

Beijing home building materials market saturation stores cover a second tier cities, home building materials stores in some cities generally surplus, market saturation warning came into being. Yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of circulation industry development projects, China Building Materials Circulation Association and other units of the drafting of the "national building materials home market layout guide" (hereinafter referred to as the guide) released in beijing. Guide for the first time published "China Town building materials market saturation warning index BHEI" (hereinafter referred to as "BHEI"), with the help of the theory of quantitative economics, building materials market planning for our country to provide recommendations. ?? According to the executive vice president of China Building Materials Circulation Association Qin Zhanxue introduction, building materials market in Hefei City, Home Furnishing Datong two has entered the red warning area, over saturated condition in Beijing building materials market in Home Furnishing yellow zone, in the saturated state. ?? According to the "guide", including "BHEI comprehensive population support index", "per capita income support index", "real estate investment support index", "GDP support index" and "national building materials Home Furnishing boom index", a plurality of data generation, divided into green, yellow and red lights warning area, respectively. The delegates have yet to be saturated, saturated and over saturated. "When referring to BHEI, in the yellow zone to reduce the store building, when in the red warning zone should stop construction." "Guide" in the. ?? Home Furnishing building materials stores excess in a second tier city has widespread, according to China Building Materials Circulation Association statistics, as of the end of 2015, the size of 40 thousand square meters of building materials market Home Furnishing area of over 140 million square meters, building materials stores Home Furnishing surplus, brought the regional competition in the industry deteriorated rate, investment rental stores difficult and difficult to collect rent and other issues, and even collapse phenomenon. "In the past, hard to find a shop, but now many are dissatisfied with, a newly opened stores, the investment ratio can reach 60%-70% is very rare." Qin Zhanxue introduction. ?? Therefore, the "guide" is given in the town building materials market layout Home Furnishing guiding principle, proposed "reduce a second city of new building materials Home Furnishing stores, give full play to the function of the existing stores, to encourage some of the three or four line of the city and smooth logistics location in the building materials store Home Furnishing scarce investment and construction, but should avoid the homogenization of the herd, repeat the construction and building materials industry," pointed out that Home Furnishing should realize multi format development, formation of "lease type stores, supermarkets, retail stores and boutique innovation coexist".相关的主题文章:

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