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Why Focus On Virtualization In 2014 For Channel Partners Posted By: Propalms With ever evolving market conditions, technology needs of Indian Enterprise and corporate segment has been growing exponentially over last decade. In order to achieve balance between growing business needs and IT expenses Indian CTOs, CIOs and IT Heads took a smarter technology approach which is Virtualization. Decade back we started talking about Server virtualization and within a short span virtualization became a buzz word in technology space. Today almost every component of technology is getting virtualized; may it be hardware, network, application, OS, Data, Storage or probably any other thing that you can think of in technology. Almost everything is getting virtualized. Today virtualization is undoubtedly the biggest business opportunity in Indian environment. With the evolution in Virtualization techniques, cost of virtualization is expected to reduce in near future. This is expected to increase viability of projects and more rampant implementations across industry segments. Studies show that Desktop Virtualization can reduce TCO of IT Infrastructure by 40%. Smarter implementation using various technology options can reduce it even up to 60%. In adverse market conditions with ever reducing IT budgets CIOs and CTOs in India are looking at virtualization as the only and perfect solution for their current challenges.application virtualization secure remote Access ssl vpn virtual desktops terminal services tokens security access application virtualization Ensure Secure, Instant And Remote Access With Mobility Solutions Posted By: Martinlobo Today technological advancements have opened up new avenues for enterprises to grow and expand. The emergence of mobile technology, the BYOD culture and the subsequent mobile workforce have changed the IT landscape entirely. However, it has its share of disadvantages. Rampant data loss incidents perpetrated by insiders and the sophisticated cyber criminals are one of the greatest problems faced by the enterprises. In such a scenario, enterprises have to deploy some fail proof secure solutions to avert data leakage. Given below are some of these solutions. * Tablet Access Solutions Tablet access solutions securely publish enterprise applications for use on mobile devices. Whether the applications run on desktop PCs, laptops, virtual infrastructure or terminal servers, the tablet access solution enables identity-based access from any mobile device to specific enterprise applications in a manner that streamlines the user experience while improving security and enhancing operational efficiency. * Remote Desktop Access Solutions Remote desktop access solutions leverage proven remote desktop protocol and SSL technologies to allow workers to remotely connect to office PCs from any device, anywhere. No additional laptops, software or training is required; remote access can be cost-effectively scaled for as many workers as needed from a single appliance.Remote desktop access solutions Secure remote access Remote desktop access solutions Gcl Publishes An Android App For Secure Remote Support Posted By: Sydney Hardison Microsoft Uag: An Assurance To Secure The Connection Posted By: Port Sys Microsoft UAG Secure Remote Access Solutions Microsoft UAG Remote Access Solutions Are Essential To Enhance Your Business Flexibility Posted By: Port Sys The structure of a business administration undergoes several changes with the help of advanced technology. The internet plays a vital role in the creation of virtual business environments for continuous remote access controls. As the world is presenting more innovative technological penetrate performing a business through web based devices and remote devices have become the most required and popular after option. This option provides good prospects for the mobile employees and home workers to continue their work with safe remote access solutions and leverage new earning potentials for businesses. The remote access enhances business productivity as it helps to access the business applications steadily on any remote system. A high level of accessibility is provided that helps in performing the work professionally. The remote access solutions are easy to deploy and cost-efficient as well as indirectly able to manage all concerns related to application availability. The information technology overseers can register their system manually or through dynamic self-registration by the users, and enjoy the advantages quickly. Most of the workstations you have in your business need to be remote access enabled, the more complex and costly the installation. That is why you should done this right the first time.Secure Remote Access Solutions Remote Access Solutions Secure Remote Access Solutions Application Virtualization Posted By: Propalms alternative to citrix application virtualization alternative to citrix Ensure Productivity, Security And Compliance With Ssl Vpns Posted By: Martinlobo Though technological advancements have helped enterprises to fast track business success, it has led to the rise of security breach incidents. Besides, the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) made popular by the consumerization of IT has made security a great challenge. This is because as employees bring different devices of their choice to the office for accessing the corporate network ensuring data protection becomes a herculean task. Thus, in order to protect the corporate network from being exposed to outsiders and prevent data leakage, enterprises must put in place good secure remote access solutions. One of the means of ensuring secure access in enterprises is VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN provides a private network and its resources across public networks like the Internet. Enterprises must collaborate with solution providers who offer SSL VPNs that enable anytime, anywhere secure remote access to business applications. With the solution, employees, partners, customers, contractors and guests can quickly and securely access the resources and applications for which they are authorized from a common Web browser.SSL VPNs Bring Your Own Device remote access solution SSL VPNs Rdp Access: Increasing Mobility For The Global Workforce Posted By: Martinlobo The globalized business world is made up of mobile, multilingual and multicultural workforce working from different geographical locations. Further with offices located in different time zones, the concept of fixed time work schedule has moved to a more flexible timing, making professionals and their expertise available ay time anywhere. The techno-savvy online web conferences carried through remote access solutions have taken over from the conventional system of conference hall meetings, ensuring anytime access. With such widespread offices and workforce, collaboration for business continuity becomes the most important aspect for every organization. Technological innovation such as the remote desktop protocol (RDP) solutions has paved way for remote access planning of the business of these global organizations. The RDP technology provides the mobile workforce with a direct access to the office desktop from any location. Providing them with a familiar desktop environment and the ability to log into the desktop with their log in credentials ensures continuity of the work and increased productivity levels. However, it is seen the that the RDP remote access though designed for high-latency links, works through low bandwidth making these perfect for networked communications.RDP mobility business continuity RDP access Remote Desktop Access Server Load Balancing RDP mobility Exploring The Most Secure Remote Access Methods Posted By: Martinlobo business continuity remote access secure remote access business continuity remote access Secure Remote Access Solutions Can Help You Boost Business Productivity Posted By: Martinlobo Every business aspires for enhanced business productivity and greater profits. However to achieve your goals you must identify the opportunities and harness them effectively. Business productivity can be severely affected during times of catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters. Business productivity also gets adversely affected when an employee takes an unplanned leave due to sudden emergencies or tragedies in their personal lives. These are incidents that you cannot control or postpone, but they do affect your normal business operation. When you are swamped by such unaccountable circumstances you will have to suffer tremendous losses due to lack of proficient alternatives that can help restore your business operations with minimal disruptions. You can now save your business from destruction by adopting the secure remote access solutions. The requirement for remote access is palpable as the number of mobile workers and work from home employees is increasing. With the remote desktop access solutions anybody can easily access their desktops from remote locations on any device that is enabled with net connectivity and carry on with their normal work without any conflicts in the environment. The appliance-based remote desktop access solutions facilitate your employees to work without any remote access remote desktop appliance Remote desktop access Business Continuity VPN Link Load Balancer secure remote access Remote Access Solutions For A Well Established And Assured Future In Business Posted By: brianwarren The modes of operating a business are undergoing sea changes with the help of technology. The internet has helped in the creation of virtual business environments for uninterrupted remote access controls. As the world is discovering more innovative technological breakthroughs conducting a business through web enabled devices and remote devices have become the most sought after option. This option has created good opportunities for the home workers and mobile employees to carry on their work through secure remote access solutions and leveraged new earning potentials for businesses. The remote access option boosts business productivity as it helps the users access the business applications securely on any remote device. A high level of visibility is provided that helps in controlling the processes efficiently. The remote access solutions are cost-efficient and easy to deploy as well as manage thus dispelling all concerns related to application availability. The IT administrators have a choice of registering desktops manually or through dynamic self-registration by the users, and these processes are deployed quickly.application availability Universal Access Controller secure remote access application availability Ssl Vpn Fast Becoming The Solutions For Smbs Posted By: brianwarren With VPN or virtual private networking, there is a safe way for mobile workers to connect to the company’s local area network to access their essential resources. The VPN options available are numerous, while there are some that require additional software and hardware, there are other that are built in the operating system. SSL VPN enables anytime, anywhere secure remote access for employees, customers and strategic partners to business-critical resources thereby increasing corporate productivity and lowering IT overhead. The growing technology has given enterprises the flexibility of choosing the best SSL VPN solution to suit their needs. Looking at the existing VPN alternatives for SMBs The prevalent VPN options that are popular in SMBs are * Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) VPN- A PPTP can be set up without purchasing extra software, and the PPTP client can be built into all latest versions of Windows. * Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPSec encryption- This can usually be built into Windows 2000 Server and above. The L2TP client can be incorporated in Windows 2000 Professional and later client operating systems. * Third party VPN solutions- IPSec-based VPN appliances and integrated firewall/VPN products are available from a number of hardware remote access SSL VPN solutions IPSec secure remote access Secure Remote Access Assures Cost Savings For Mobile Workers Posted By: brianwarren Compared to few years back, today secure remote access has become the talk of the day. It is a crucial part of your system. Owing to the reliable and fast internet, connection remote access solutions are easy to deliver nowadays. Keeping in mind the cost factor, irrespective of the fact whether there are one or thousand users, the expense is practically much lower than the conventional systems. At the same time, it provides disaster recovery benefits too. Secure Remote Access and Cost Savings Once you resort to a secure remote access solution, you can witness certain cost saving benefits. Once the IT system is remotely delivered in secure data centers, the IT hardware, infrastructure, and support expenses are brought down considerably. Else, it becomes a past thing, as it depends upon the remote hosting company to assure that the users can access their, system, files and data to promised service standards. Furthermore, secure remote access helps home workers, mobile employees, extranet partners, and other approved users to access critical business resources and applications that would result in increasing the remote access SSL VPN remote access load balancing secure remote access Secure Remote Access – Need For Secure Remote Access Solutions Posted By: brianwarren Today with high-technological solutions at one end and increased work opportunities on the other, the economy is certainly waking up to the concept of mobile workforce or mobile employees. As a result, to provide this group with adequate resources a strong and consistent technological back up and support services needs to be provided. Welcome to secure remote access solutions that allow home workers, customers, mobile employees, extranet partners and approved users to avail crucial business resources and applications as and when required. This helps in maximizing the overall productivity. Simultaneously, this is an excellent business continuity solution that helps a person to combat any emergency or unforeseen problems, because of which an employee might not be able to reach office. Today the percentage of mobile workforce has increased. As a result, more employees are using business applications across a wider mix of equipments. Hence, it is imperative to choose secure remote access solution that addresses various key considerations. Some of them are listed below- * Employees do not always have or own the access to corporate managed equipments. Therefore, they should be able to securely avail all Web-enabled equipment that is required to carry on remote access IPSec SSL VPN solutions secure remote access Secure Remote Access – An Alternative For Mobile Employees Posted By: brianwarren application availability secure remote access secure access application availability 相关的主题文章:

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