A new white academician workstation signed four cooperation agreement ssdao

A new white academician workstation four technical cooperation agreement signed in November 1st 2016, the second batch of "academicians and experts Baishan for innovation and transformation and promote revitalization activities docking will be held in the five floor conference center Hakusan municipal cpc. Led by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Cai Meifeng China Fuld Jilin Mining Company Limited academician workstation officially inaugurated, four experts signed a technical cooperation agreement with the relevant enterprises and units, four academicians and experts was appointed to the Baishan City science and technology advisory. The Secretary of the Baishan municipal Party committee Zhang Zhijun, deputy secretary of the CPC Baishan City Hakusan municipal government acting mayor Wang Zhihou attended the meeting. Zhang Zhijun in the first speech on the academician expert to give thanks to the care and support of baishan. He said that the members of academicians and experts are academic authority and technical elite in various professional fields of our country, shouldering the arduous tasks of scientific research and teaching, this can be very much for sparing the time to visit and guide the work of Baishan Baishan people, all pleasure, is also a great opportunity to promote the transformation and development of baishan. He hope you can often come to Baishan academicians and experts to carry out academic exchanges, promote more advanced scientific research achievements in baishan. For the completion of the province’s eastern mountain green transformation and development zones and national green transformation development demonstration area, Zhang Zhijun full of confidence. He admitted that the foundation of Baishan City, there is potential, hope big. Baishan City adhere to the "ecological city, industrial city, the characteristics of city", "outstanding ecological and livelihood development," the three main line, hold the "safe and stable, the three bottom line, strengthen the" reform and opening up and innovation of Party building, four Xiang Baozhang, realized the transformation from coal, iron, "three Lin" to the mineral materials, mineral water, medicine, health, tourism and modern service industry "new five". Transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, bigger and stronger new industries. 2015, the new mineral materials, tourism, mineral water, medicine and health, modern service industries, such as the new ‘five industries’ accounted for the proportion of GDP and fiscal revenue reached 61.5% and 45.4%, respectively. In the first half of this year, Baishan City’s GDP growth rate ranked first in the province, local fiscal revenue growth ranked first in the province, the third industry growth rate ranked first in the province." Zhang Zhijun said quite proud to say, just six months time, Baishan City won the first three growth". And in the face of future development, Baishan City is gradually crack traffic, capital, talent, the three bottlenecks. "In October 27th, he Da Highway Jilin section of the official opening, bid farewell to the city of Baishan no highway history. 2018, Hui Bai expressway will be opened to traffic. Baishan to Linjiang, Songjianghe (town) to Changbai highway in the planning." In addition, highlighting the high-speed rail, airports and other key projects to promote regional interoperability. As for the "capital bottleneck" problem, Baishan City is actively exploring new ways, and strive to put the resources into assets, the assets into funds in the face of "talent bottleneck problem," Zhang Zhijun said meaningfully: "can achieve the development of innovation and transformation, talent is the decisive factor. Baishan City has always attached great importance to personnel work, whether the previous one hundred universities in Baishan "activities or now" academician.相关的主题文章:

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