9 types of medical equipment in Taiyuan to further refine the workers’ social security card to buy winflash

9 types of medical equipment in Taiyuan to further refine the workers social security card to buy the Shanxi evening news September 17th (reporter Wang Bin) today, the reporter learned from the Taiyuan medical insurance management center was informed that the city of Taiyuan to further clarify and refine the employee social security card (health insurance personal accounts) 9 types of home medical equipment purchase. 2012 onwards, the insured workers in Taiyuan to use social security card, can be purchased in Medicare designated retail pharmacies 9 categories of home appliances. The move is to guide the insured workers to social security card money, further rational use of health. The policy is the specification and refinement of previous policies. First, the link into the Taiyuan municipal workers’ basic medical insurance social security card payment scope of home medical equipment list: 1, ordinary examination instrument: thermometer (oral, anal, subaxillary thermometer, liquid crystal thermometer, electronic thermometer), blood pressure, 2 physical therapy equipment: the magnetic treatment apparatus 3, medical materials and dressing four: triangle, headband, protective belt, elastic bandage, medical cotton, medical gauze, medical gauze, cotton, cotton, cotton pad, medical masks, medical adhesive plaster, plaster, hemostatic hemostatic protection tape 4, clinical test and analysis instrument: home blood glucose meter, blood glucose test strip, pregnancy diagnosis test (early pregnancy test) 5, medical polymer materials and products: condoms, contraceptive cap, 6 nurses Physical equipment and apparatus: 7 wheelchair, physiotherapy rehabilitation equipment: Foment Bag, far infrared fiber products, 8 Chinese equipment: 9 other: negative pressure tank, oxygen bag, household oxygenerator相关的主题文章:

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