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Imitate cartoon in the dangerous action two bear children take rope neck suffocation risk "doctor, doctor, hurry up, save my child, he can’t breathe……" Around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, a young man holding a child of about six or seven rushed into the emergency room of Yiwu hospital. The boy’s neck, head and face were all green and purple, with a deep scar on his neck. Emergency doctors immediately for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and a series of rescue. The 6 year old boy named Xiaowen. The young man surnamed Chen is his father. Originally, from school that day Xiaowen home from kindergarten, with fellow small building play in front of his home, Mr. Chen is working at home. About half an hour later, Mr. Chen went out to see the child, the scene almost let him swoon. I saw the man tied around his neck a thin rope, and the other end is small, the pull of the mouth, repeatedly shouted: "you don’t lie down ah, get up, do not lie down this action in cartoons……" But this time, little man has a flat on the ground, motionless. Mr. Chen rushed forward, grabbed a rope, ready to untie, but also can not solve the moment. Small breath more and more weak, Mr. Chen to carry out artificial respiration immediately for him, and let people bring scissors, cut the string, then drove the child to the hospital in Yiwu. Through the rescue, Xiaowen gradually recovered spontaneous breathing, but not yet out of danger. In order to better treatment, Xiaowen was transferred to the provincial hospital for further observation and treatment. "When Xiaowen sent, face and neck are purple, the situation is very critical, but his father immediately as he carried out artificial respiration, if a few minutes later, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Yiwu Fuyuan hospital emergency department director Jiang Yonggang said, "although small restored spontaneous breathing, but because of the hypoxia time is longer, the future can not wake up or wake up after what sequela is still unknown."相关的主题文章:

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